Feel Like You Don't Have Enough Energy And Mental Clarity? Try These 3 Tips*

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Just getting through the day and attending to your basic obligations takes a good deal of energy, never mind if you actually want to come home from work, spend enough time with your family, and then also have the time and energy available in order to work on writing your novel, getting fit, or engaging with whatever hobby you’ve picked up.

A large number of us are confronted with the never-ending sensation that we simply don’t have enough energy and mental clarity, in each day, in order to get done all the things that we want to get done, and to live our lives to the fullest.

If this sounds like you — if you’ve got great dreams for your life but struggle to work up the vitality to actually bring those dreams to fruition, consider the following tips for boosting your energy and mental clarity.

Look into nootropic supplements

Nootropic supplement, such as those available to purchase via https://www.focussupplements.co.uk/, are supplements which boast the ability to improve your mental function and energy.

The nootropic industry has grown prodigiously over the last few years, as large numbers of enthusiastic “biohackers” are doing whatever they can to achieve peak performance in all areas of life, including the mental clarity and razor-sharp attention required to achieve success in areas of life that demand high performance.

Nootropics supplements are an alternative to drugs such as Adderall, which are often used for the same purpose, but which have a dramatic and negative series of side effects on the body.

A good nootropic supplement may help you to tune up your mind without throwing your body into a state of imbalance.

Try one day of fasting per week

Periodic fasting has become very popular in recent times, as a weight loss intervention. Dr. Jason Fung, author of the book, “The Complete Guide to Fasting,” notes that states of fasting were a natural part of humanity’s past, both due to ritual, and also due to unavoidable environmental conditions, such as the lack of food 24/7.

For this reason, the human body seems to expect, even need, certain periods without food in order to perform optimally.

Fasting not only reduces insulin levels and burns fat stores, but even cleans up and “recycles” defective cells within the body, through the process of autophagy.

After completing a 24-hour fast, many people report feeling more clear headed and energetic.

Make sleep a fundamental priority

Recent research on the science of sleep has found that sleep plays a fundamental and critical role in the consolidation of memory, and in the ability of the brain to function properly, in general.

This is, of course, in addition to all of the many other benefits of sleep, including the fact that sleep is essential for the regulation of the immune system, and the correct functioning of the various organs of the body.

The more you sleep, the better you will feel, the better you’ll perform, mentally, and the higher your energy levels will be.

*Contributed by Sam Jones.  *Header image via Pixabay

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