Change Up Your Bedroom With 3 Simple Steps*

*This is a collaborative post*

When my sister and her other half revamped their bedroom last year I was honestly completely taken aback by the end result. It wasn't as if they'd done any major redecorating as such yet they managed to take their bedroom from lackluster to wow in the time frame it probably takes me to write a weeks worth of blog posts. By simply de-cluttering, changing up the colour scheme and investing in a couple of pieces of new furniture, the bedroom that had once looked tired and small now appeared fresh, bright and spacious.

If you fancy giving your own bedroom a new lease of life but the idea of redecorating entirely puts you off then read on. In actual fact there are minimal ways in which you can revamp your bedroom and believe it or not, they won't cost you the earth. 

To begin with you should study your bedroom and decide what it is you don't like. Is it the colour scheme? The wallpaper? The lack of space? If it's the colour scheme then this can be easily altered and you don't necessarily need to re-wallpaper either. If it's the lack of space that bothers you then perhaps look at how you can create more space by downsizing or via the art that is illusion. 

Without further adieu, here are three simple steps to changing up your bedroom...

1. De-Clutter And Tidy

Whether you believe it or not, de-cluttering and tidying can make a massive difference to the bedroom, especially if you're a hoarder like me. Go through your belongings and see what you can throw or get rid of. Do you really need everything? Chances are many items are just sat there gathering dust whether it be old clothes piling up in the wardrobe, old makeup and beauty products sat on your dresser table or even ornaments sat on your windowsill. Be ruthless. Donate any items you no longer want to charity shops or sell them on eBay or via a car boot sale. Once you've got rid of any old items or junk, try to hold onto that minimalistic attitude. Remember that a tidy home means a tidy mind!

2. Leave The Old Wallpaper Up

Yes you read it right. Just because you're fed up with the colour or the pattern of the existing wallpaper this doesn't mean you have to start faffing with stripping and skimming the walls. If the wallpaper is in good nick then there's no reason why you can't paint over it instead. This will require a lot less effort and money on your part yet will still make a dramatic difference. 
If you don't already have one then consider turning one wall into a 'feature wall.' Most people opt for simply wallpapering just one wall to achieve this but you could always cheat like my sister did and instead opt for a large colourful print. You can find hundreds of unique pieces on Etsy or in local art stores and you'd be surprised at how little you can pick them up for. 

3. Change Up The Furniture

Changing the furniture can make a dramatic difference even if you decide to leave everything else in the bedroom the same. Mirrored wardrobes are a great idea as they not only look stylish but they also help to create the illusion of more space. My sister actually opted for these and they look amazing! Lighter colours again can create the illusion of more space so if you're wanting to make your bedroom appear larger, avoid going for dark colours or dark furniture at all costs. 
Before you buy new furniture make sure you shop around for the best deals. You only have to peruse the net these days to find hundreds of vouchers, discounts and deals via websites such as Voucher 365. If you're looking in particular for unique high end design furniture and soft furnishings but at an affordable price then you'll also love

Once you've de-cluttered, painted and furnished your bedroom, why not finish off with the odd plant here and there? If you're one for following trends then cactus plants in particular seem to be hugely popular lately. 

Good luck and enjoy if you are having a revamp, I hope it goes well!

*Header photo via Pexels.  

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