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When you think birthday party you often think children’s decorations and themes. From Spiderman to Elsa in Frozen, every parent can usually name a handful of children’s themes just off the top of their heads. However, things get a little more complicated when it comes to adults’ themes. Indeed, most people don't even bother organising birthday parties past twenty one but why? There is no good reason aside from the fact that you might think you’re too old for parties. Age is just a number and every birthday should be celebrated!
If you’ve got a birthday coming up – or if a friend or a relative does – you should definitely plan a fun adults’ party. Don’t just think that partying as an adult is synonymous with booze – of course, there might be some, but you'll need other factors to throw an unforgettable birthday party.

Adults can have fun themes too
When was the last time you had a themed party? If you were recently invited to a hen do, you’ve probably been in a universe of inflatable genitalia, Spice Girls or Taylor Swift music and bridal fashion. Here’s the thing about adults’ birthday parties: you don’t need a grown-up theme as long as you’re having fun. If you want to share a message of peace and love to everyone, you could just as well use a rainbow and unicorn theme. If you’re a Harry Potter's fan, by all means, have a Hogwarts theme and encourage your guests to dress up. Or why not use a 1970s theme, which is a favourite for many adults. The secret is to forget your age and focus on what you like most, whether it is music, films, books, or fantasy characters.

Forget Spotify, get a pro
When it comes to the entertainment part of your party, you probably want some background music to invite your guests to relax and dance. Forget about preparing your playing list – you’re not a child anymore. It’s time to work with professionals such as Benny Smyth to manage the music side of your party. You should also make sure that you’ve booked a venue so that your guests have a dance floor to show their best moves. You can be sure that some people will prefer rocking through the evening, while others are happy to sit down and chat. Get a venue that does both!

Prepare the invites
Give your party that real feel by sending paper invitations. While Facebook events and emails might be cheaper, they won’t have the same impact. As a rule of a thumb, you want to make the invite fun, and preferably in the same theme as your party. Admittedly, there’s the difficult decision of who to invite. Close friends, relatives, maybe colleagues too, it can seem impossible to choose. The number of guests will be defined by your budget. So start by identifying the guests you want to celebrate your birthday with, and extend the list as much as you can afford.

You’re never too old to party! Whether it’s 40, 50 or even 80, there is always a good excuse to throw an adults’ birthday party.

*Contributed by Sam Jones. *Photo via Max Pixel

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