Fed Up Of The Rat Race? - Then Start Your Own Business

If you're feeling fed up of the rat race or have grown tired of the mundane nine to five, perhaps now is the time to do something about it. Life is too short to be miserable or stuck in a rut so why not grab the bull by the horns whilst you can? 

I started this blog from nothing yet it now earns me a tidy little sum, so don't tell me that it's not possible to start a business without plenty of capital. Anything is possible if you want it enough and are prepared to work hard. And for those who tell me they don't have the time to start up anything, have you ever considered that maybe you just don't want to make it a priority? We can't have it every way in life, if you're not happy - but want to be, then something has to give.  

For those who are serious about change, why not consider starting up your own business? There are of course several different avenues you could take and depending on how much cash you want to part with in the beginning, some ideas may be better suited to you than others. There are hundreds of websites out there with various business start up ideas but here are a few of my own personal favourites;

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Blogging - Create sponsored content and get to grips with affiliate marketing 

Blogging is an obvious one although to be fair it takes a while to build a following and grow your DA (ranking.) It's also a pretty over saturated market but that's not to say you can't be successful. It is possible! If you want to start out on zero budget like I did then first join the Blogger platform which is completely free. Google will also quickly become your new best friend as you desperately try to get to grips with blogging terminology and the dreaded coding. Stick with it, write what you feel passionate about and learn to market yourself effectively. 

Consulting - Help other businesses to do better 

If you have expertise and knowledge in a particular field such as marketing or accounting then why not become a business consultant? Whether it's problem solving or implementing better strategies, you could help other businesses to better perform.

Etsy - Sell handmade or unique gifts online

If you have a talent for making things then why not make use of online store Etsy where you can sell handmade gifts and unique items? Maybe you have a talent for creating quirky or unusual jewellery, or maybe you're a dab hand at designing inspirational art prints. Etsy is the place for you and while you're at it, why not see if local shops might stock your product too? You don't get if you don't ask. You won't make big bucks from Etsy alone so you'll probably need to subsidize your income with something else.

Languages - Tutor or become a translator 

If you speak another language fluently then you could start tutoring or you could even become a translator. Many parents seem to hire personal tutors these days to help their kids with their G.C.S.E revision. And I can't tell you how many times I could have used a translator at work!

Beauty - Become a nail technician or makeup artist

The beauty industry is booming and in a now very much digital world whereby Insta selfies and the likes are ever prevalent, I can totally see why. Every girl wants to look her best and if I had a pound for every time I've seen a woman wearing false nails or acrylics then I'd be a very rich lady by now. Why not tap into this successful industry and undertake a distance course? Or you could even enrol at your local adult college. Once you've built up both your speed and experience you can then start up your own nail technician business. It can be quite costly having to buy your own equipment in the beginning, not to mention the insurance too, but you'll soon make the money back once you have clients.
Likewise if you're into makeup, there are always girls clamouring to have their makeup done 'professionally' for nights out or special occasions. It's also worth noting that many makeup artists are actually self taught and start from nothing, climbing their way to the top of their industry. Instagram is the way to go if you're an aspiring makeup artist. Check out the trending hashtags and utilise them!

Dog grooming - Are you an animal lover?

Dog grooming is one business I'm hearing about much more frequently lately. So many people are jumping ship, leaving the office life behind to instead beautify poodles and other lovable canines. Whilst this might be a much less stressful job, you'll need to ideally be a dog lover. If you fancy getting into this line of work then you'll find various courses available including some online.

Alterations - The bridal world could use you

Alterations is more of a specific niche yet there is still a need for this line of work. Whether you choose to specialise in bridal like my nanna did, or in another area, if you have the skill there'll always be work for you somewhere. I always quite fancied getting a job on Strictly Come Dancing doing this! 

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Photography - Specialise in wedding photography or family portraits 

Photography is something that I feel you're either good at or you're not. I believe that particular individuals have a gift and therefore an eye for a class or top notch photo. That's not to say you can't learn, but getting to grips with the various equipment and settings can take time. However, if you have the patience and determination then this could be a viable career option. Many photographers such as my friend specialise in wedding photography or family portraits. If your work is really good then you'll find your business should grow through word of mouth and recommendations. 

Obviously some of these business ideas do require money and a skill set, others not so much. But if you fancy trying something new then don't let your lack of skills or cash flow put you off. Start saving so you can invest in your business idea, or start a blog and put your earnings to one side ready for when you need it. As for skill set, practice makes perfect so put in the time and effort and you'll soon gain the required skills in no time. 

Speak to other entrepreneurs and business owners, pick their brains - especially if they're an expert in their field. I'm like a sponge in the sense that I'm constantly asking fellow business owners for pointers and advice, then I absorb as much of the information as I can. We never stop learning, in fact they day we start to think that we do is the day we risk failure. 

No matter what you take on or decide to do, don't get complacent. Stay innovative and stay ahead of your game. If you've got the spirit and the 'get up and go' to start your own business, then I say go for it! Good luck. 

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