Take Your Talent For Baking To The Next Level - Launch A Business!*

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Are you a whiz in the kitchen and can conjure up amazing cake creations that everyone wants more of? If so you could utilise your talents and set up a home baking business. There is always a need for talented celebration cake makers and once your reputation has grown you could be inundated with commissions.  

Home baking businesses often arise when family and friends request you to bake for them. Word of mouth then follows, meaning that you begin to get requests off people you don’t know directly. At this point you should seriously be thinking of charging for your creations and setting up a business. If you love baking, it would be a lovely way to make a living. You will probably own all the necessary equipment already to launch your business on a small scale. You will need to meet regulations regarding food premises and if you are considering a delivery service then you'll need a reliable car. Auto.loan can offer funding options if you want to upgrade your vehicle.

What’s your USP?
You will already have a good idea on where your talents lie. If it’s more with the sugar work involved in cake decoration you could build on promoting your intricate designs. You may enjoy making children’s birthday cakes, which are ever popular or you may want to focus on creating baked products suitable for people with food allergies. Create something a little different to your competitors, so you stand out from the crowd.

Create a business plan
All businesses require a business plan at the beginning in order to identify costs and profit. There are many resources available to help you with this either online or at your local business startup advisory service.

Purchase Equipment
In order to meet food hygiene regulations you may need to purchase additional equipment in order to meet requirements. Regulations vary depending on where you live, so research carefully.

Marketing and branding
When you developed your USP you will have identified a niche which needs to be displayed clearly through your branding and marketing materials. Develop something unique and then you will stand out when you begin to advertise.

The key to your business being a success is making enough sales initially to stay afloat, followed by making a profit which makes the business worthwhile. You need to consider all possible outlets for your cakes to be sold from and get your brand into the marketplace. Word of mouth is powerful, but is unlikely to bring in enough sales without some additional sales outlets. Outlets for sales could include local cafes, shops, restaurants and markets. You could advertise in your local press, leaflet drop or utilise the power of social media. Ensure you have a good web presence by developing a website that features highly on search engines. If you are focusing on wedding cakes, hire a stand at local wedding fairs and take along lots of samples and photographs.

Hopefully by following the above tips, your amazing entrepreneur talents will be recognised within the marketplace!

*Contributed by Sam Jones. *Image source Pixabay

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