Bad Habits A Guide to Beating Them

No matter how great your character may be, everyone has bad habits. You may find that it’s easy to pick up bad habits but much more difficult to get rid of them. It could be that you always leave your towel on the bed after having a bath or that you can’t stop biting your nails excessively. Whatever the case, you should know that there is still hope and it is possible to break bad habits. However, it often takes dedication, being patient with yourself, and finding people who can support you on your journey. On that note, you’re going to find a guide to beating bad habits that you may be struggling with below.

Figure out Why You Want to Quit

When making the decision to break a bad habit, it’s important that you figure out why you want to quit in the first place. Without having a solid reason for wanting to drop the habit, it can be hard to stay focused on challenging days. You can start by writing out a list of reasons that you want to change your undesirable habits and try reading them to yourself every day. Some tips when writing your list includes making them positive and making the list as long as possible. The idea should be to make a connection between stopping the bad behavior and what you stand to gain by doing so.

Anticipate Setbacks

When trying to change a bad habit for good, you should always anticipate setbacks. However, it’s important that you try not to be too hard on yourself and avoid negative self-talk as habits aren’t broken overnight. The key is to stay focused and keep trying no matter how many times you relapse. You should also encourage yourself by turning to your support system for help, reading encouraging stories, and also trying positive affirmations.

Explore Alternatives

There are days when you’re going to want to quit in the process of trying to break a bad habit, especially when the going gets tough. For this reason, it may be a good idea to explore alternatives that are healthier and might give you the results that you want. If you’re trying to break the habit of smoking tobacco, for instance, you could try an alternative such as an all-day vape that you can find on redjuice. Ultimately, you should create a list of alternatives to the habit you’re trying to drop and then figure out ways that you can gradually replace them with said alternatives.

Change Your Circle

Another step that you should take when trying to drop a bad habit is building a strong support system around you. Ideally, you should reduce the amount of time you spend around people who could make you backtrack. However, by choosing to spend time with people who have similar goals as you, it’s possible that you’ll find that you’re motivated to stick with your goals, even on difficult days.
As with most things in life, getting rid of bad habits is a process. It doesn’t always happen as fast as you hope it to, but if you’re diligent and determined, it will. As well as trying some of the tips above, the key is to gradually take your negative behaviors and change them into positive ones over time. 

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