All You Need To Know About Finding The Ideal University Accommodation

People often ask if they should bother going to university or not, or if it’s really as great as everyone suggests it is. This is a pretty tough question to answer, but I will say that your university experience tends to be determined by many other factors. The way you act in uni will change the experience you have, as will the place you live for three or more years.
Speaking of which, it’s the accommodation side of things I really want to touch on today. I find many people end up ruining their experience by living somewhere horrible that they hate being in. In an ideal world, you want to live somewhere that you can truly call home, while you’re in university. As a result, I’ve tried to compile a mini-guide that should help you find the best accommodation for you.
The Location Means Everything
Honestly, the location of your uni accommodation is arguably more important than how much it costs. Well, within reason I mean! Obviously, don’t splash money you don’t have on an apartment or student house just because it’s in a prime location. All I’m saying is that if you have to pay a little bit more for somewhere that’s in a friendly and safe neighbourhood, then it’s worth spending a bit more than you originally intended. Ideally, you want somewhere that’s got good transport links to your uni and is as crime-free as can be
Read The Rent Smallprint
So many people make the mistake of seeing an advertised rental price and immediately jumping into bed with the estate agent because it looks like such a good deal. However, a lot of the time, the advertised prices don’t include utilities. As you can see on, it clearly states whether or not utilities are included in their advertised rental prices. Be sure to look for this as it can prevent you from signing a contract and then finding out you have to cover utility costs on top of your existing rent.

Living With Loads Of People Isn’t As Good As It Seems

There are plenty of student houses that can hold seven people all at once. While this seems like an amazing idea to get seven friends together, it rarely ends with everyone smiling. In my eyes, five is probably the maximum amount of people you want in one home. Otherwise, there’s just too much mess and long waits for the bathroom; it’s not worth it. So, when you’re looking around for your new accommodation, get a group of about five people together and search for homes that are a suitable size.

Hopefully, if you pay attention to all this advice, then you should find the best uni house/apartment out there for you. On a relatable note, I read a good article on that gives some tips and hints on living in university accommodation. This is very helpful if you’re living in private or uni halls!

At the end of the day, your house/apartment/halls will go some way to determining how happy your time in uni actually is. So, make sure you make the right decision, and find the best place to settle down.

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