8 Of The Best Festivals From Around The World*

*This is a collaborative post*

Hands up if you would love to go to a festival over the next twelve months? If so then todays post is just for you! GirlGoneDreamer has got together with luxury travel operator, Destination2, to showcase eight of the best festivals from around the world. You can click here to check out their fantastic luxury holidays and also long haul holiday deals 

When I started working on this post I asked my friends which festivals they'd attend given a choice and it was interesting to see their varied answers. Indeed everyone has a different outlook on what is deemed to be fun and as such I've tried to cover a range of festivals to suit every taste. Without further adieu off we go...


This is probably one of the most widely known or 'heard of' festivals but for those who are drawing a blank at the name, Coachella is an annual music and arts festival which is held in Indio, California. To give you an inkling into how huge this festival is, Beyonce, the queen of pop actually performed at the 2018 Coachella. And it's not just headlining music that makes Coachella famous either, it's also hugely popular for the dining experience. Whether you prefer pop up restaurants, food vendors or outdoor dining, you'll find plenty of food and drink to choose from. 

Wanderlust Festival

One for my friend Marie, the Wanderlust Yoga Festival is described as 'an all-out celebration of mindful living.' Perfect for making new friends, being with like minded souls and practicing Yoga. There is also the opportunity to explore nature in the form of hikes, trail runs and mountain meditation. The Wanderlust festival brings together world class instructors, musicians and speakers so that individuals can enjoy a four day retreat of yoga, music, nature, food and of course great company. These festivals take place in various locations all over the world.

Gay Pride Parade 

The pride parades are events which celebrate the LGBT community and pride. The Amsterdam Gay Pride Parade runs this year from 28th July until 5th August. One of the main highlights of this annual event is the famous Canal Parade. Expect crowds in the thousands, lots of colour and street parties galore!

Pingxi Lantern Festival 

I hadn't heard of this particular festival before and yet the Pingxi Lantern Festival in Taiwan now fascinates me. According to what I've read on Culture Trip, the people of Taiwan celebrate the lantern festival on the night of the first full moon of the lunar year. Each year thousands of lanterns are decorated with hopes, aspirations and well wishes and are released into the sky. You can see exactly what this looks like from the image I've chosen above. Isn't it pretty?


The Oktoberfest is a popular beer festival and travel funfair held annually in Munich, Germany. This event attracts millions of visitors each year and usually takes place in September to early October. Expect parades, fairground attractions, rides, lots of costumes, beer tents, traditional German food, folk music and of course plenty of drinking!

Dubai Shopping Festival

If shopping is your thing then you're bound to love the Dubai Shopping Festival which runs from December to January every year. During this period you'll find many freebies and incredible discounts on everything from clothing to jewellery. There's also entertainment in the form of fireworks, live music, street performers and magicians. 


Tomorrowland is one of the worlds largest music festivals held annually in Boom, Belgium. With plenty of stages to choose from, DJ's from all over come together to exhibit their best work. The huge main stage at Tomorrowland is a talking point in itself and indeed the organisers pull out all the stops each year to make sure that this is a truly unforgettable experience. Apparently a few years back they even had a man made erupting volcano!

Oxford Literary Festival

One for me... Of course I was always going to include a book and writing related festival! :) I've never been to one of these yet but I'd love to attend the Oxford Literary Festival in particular. Each year a whole host of authors gather at this event to speak and also hold workshops. There's even an opportunity to take part in literary walks and attend dinner parties with well known authors. 

Whichever festivals you attend, make sure you enjoy the moment, stay safe and make lots of fabulous memories!

*Photos via Pexels

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