4 Ways To Make Money From Your Unwanted Household Items*

*This is a collaborative post*

I have a few questions for you lovely lot! How many of you have old or unused gadgets such as mobile phones and tablets which are taking up drawer space? Stacks of CDs that you rarely listen to and DVD's that you never watch? How about a wardrobe bulging at the seams with clothing you won't wear again? 

How about this one; How many of you are also after a way to make some cash? 

If you answered yes to any or all of the above, - and let's face it, who wouldn't want to make some extra pennies? - now is the time to ransack your possessions and do something about it. Not only will you make some extra dosh but you'll be de-cluttering your home in the process too! What's there to lose?

Read on for some suggestions on how you can turn your unwanted household items into easy money;

Trade In Your Old Mobile Phone

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Most of us have had more than one mobile phone over the years. If you're anything like me, in the excitement of getting to know your new phone, your old one will get tossed to one side before eventually reaching it's final resting place in the bottom of a drawer or worse still, in the trash. Definitely don't just throw your old phone away. Even if you're not bothered about the money, at the very least you can do your bit for the environment by sending it to a recycling company.
If you want to find the highest price for trading in your old device then I'd recommend using an online tool such as Sell Compare. This price comparison engine is free and easy to use. 
Simply use the relevant IMEI code to search for your device, compare prices and then complete the sale. Please note that because Sell Compare is purely a price comparison engine, it's not actually them that will pay you. Instead, once you've used their services you'll deal directly with your recycling company of choice who will then send you a free envelope. Once you've posted your items and they've been received and checked, payment will be sent usually by bank transfer.  

Cash In Your CDs And DVDs

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I used to have hundreds of CDs, I say 'used to' because when I was short on money a few years ago, I decided to look into ways that I could make money from items I had just lying around the house. I came across two websites, musicMagpie and Ziffit. Although both pretty similar I ended up plumping for Ziffit just because I preferred their website and how easy it was to use. They accept CDs, DVDs, books and games. Not only will you make some extra pennies by trading in your items but you'll also once again be doing your bit for the environment. It's a free site to use and all you'll need is the barcodes or the ISBN numbers from each item to get an instant price. When you've completed the trade you'll need to parcel up your items as per instructions and then make use of their free courier or drop-off service. Payment is usually made directly into your bank, via PayPal, cheque or instant cash voucher.

List Clothing And Other Unwanted Items On eBay

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Who hasn't heard of eBay? You'd have had to be living under a rock to not know of this global online market. It's ideal for selling any items that you no longer want but that someone else will make use of. I've bought many items via eBay including clothing, old CDs and books that I haven't been able to find anywhere else. 
As a seller it's pretty straightforward to use once you know what you're doing. Follow the instructions carefully filling in all relevant details for your listing and take good quality photographs. You can choose to list your item as either auction or buy it now. Buy it now is as it sounds and the item will be listed at a fixed price. If you instead opt to list your item as auction then you'll set a starting price and people will bid on the item, outbidding each other until the listing time has passed.
How much money you make can vary hugely. There was a Christmas many years ago where I made quite a bit as people were shopping for gifts. A lot is dependent on the items you are selling too. What's that saying? 'One man's trash is another man's treasure.'

Sell Old Jewellery

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This particular idea isn't for everyone as jewellery can often hold sentimental value and where this is the case I would recommend that you do not sell such pieces. However, many of us have unwanted jewellery or are just so desperate for cash that selling seems to be the only solution. If you are selling then you'll obviously want the best price for your gold and silver so it pays to shop around. If you choose to use one of the many postal 'cash for gold' companies then do your research first. Not all are as great as they make out to be. Martin Lewis of MoneySavingExpert has some handy pointers. You can also pay a visit to one of many reputable jewellers who will usually weigh the pieces in front of you and will give you a value instantly. Remember that you're under no obligation to sell to them. 

And there you have it. Four different ideas on how you can make money from unwanted household items. Good luck in your money making endeavours! 

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