Quitting Smoking Through Using E Cigs And Vape Mods*

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If You Seriously Want To Quit Smoking, Read On . . .

I developed the disgusting habit of smoking cigarettes while out socializing during a time when I had suffered a big sporting injury set-back during my time at university a few years ago. I would never have thought that I'd ever smoke, I always hated seeing people smoke when I was young, and I used to make 'no smoking' signs and put them up around the house as a kid. My parents both smoked as did most of the adults in my family. Fortunately though, I, like many others, have made use E Cigs/vape mods; and my transition from cigarettes to E Cigs has gone about as smoothly I could have hoped.

I know of at least twenty friends and acquaintances (whom have all been much heavier smokers than I was), who have likewise utilised the E Cig alternative to their advantage, vaping instead of smoking. I'd recommend vaping to any current smoker who is trying to quit. I am surprised I haven't heard more about the positive effects they have on people's lives. Without Vaping, there is no doubt in my mind that at least 95% of those mentioned whom I know personally would all still be smoking cigarettes and killing themselves. I'd be interested to see some statistics on just how many people have managed to kick the habit thanks to E Cigs.

You can find out some more quick facts about them here, and if you do get one make sure you get the right mods for your vape pen. then there are E Cig starter kits available which will cater to your needs as you begin your transition from self-harming smoker to health concious 'vaper'. There are all kinds of accessories and styles, designs, colors, sizes etc; One of the best features of vaping is that one can choose from such an extensive array of flavors, and from apple flavors to sweets and more there is something for everyone. Actually, some are fairly similar in taste to those you might experience when smoking Shisha.

If you are new to vaping I would recommend you buy a vape mod which doesn't cost a small fortune, just get one which has good reviews in order to first try out vaping as an alternative to smoking. However, for the seasoned 'vaper' there is a wide range of options and the prices can obviously reflect this, if after trying E Cigs you decide to commit, then I'd say choose the best vape mod you can afford. You cannot put a price on your health after all.

One feature which mine has is that it allows me to alter the level of nicotine, meaning that over the course of time, I was able to gradually reduce the level of nicotine, and eventually I'll have zero nicotine. Then I am hopeful I will have the experience of quitting smoking which should strengthen my resistance when it comes to then quitting the E Cig! ;)

Post Written by Michael David.

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