Light At The End Of The Tunnel in The Fight Against The Stubborn Fat?*

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The Emergence of New Technologies in Matters of Health

I am more of a traditionalist in my approach to health and fitness. I am generally quite fascinated by the advancements made in medicine, especially when combined with our progress in technological matters, it is a symbiotic relationship which renders incredible seemingly miraculous results. An issue of late which I believe needs more coverage around the world is with regards to the incredible gains made in Stem Cell Research. I have had cartilage removed from my shoulders which unfortunately doesn't grow back. However people with the same issue who have undergone stem cell therapy have seen the regrowth of their cartilage which is staggering. So from sporting injuries to severe burns victims, it stimulates the re-growth all manner of human tissue from cartilage to skin. You can read a little more about this incredible technique here.

Which brings me to something which is also just very interesting in terms of the 'fight against the flab'. The Hypoxi Knightsbridge based business claims (via use of its machines) to be able to spot reduce fatty tissue in those who have tried and failed to do so via the conventional methods of combining a good nutritious diet and regular exercise. They do this via the use of one of their machines, which to me is quite a revolutionary concept in that it is non surgical for one thing. The traditional ways of losing fat usually depend upon serious time exercising on treadmills, bicycles and via any other form of cardio vascular exercise in the hope of reducing our overall body-fat percentage to a point we are a happy (ish) with. So, the notion of a machine being able to spot reduce fat is quite a radical concept. Of course I am aware that liposuction can also spot reduce fatty tissue, it is an incredible technique but I think the surgical aspect would deter most people from this method.

Image Source Pexels

'4 Machines Which Could Change Your Life'

The Hypoxi machines are unique in that they claim to be able to aid in the spot reduction of fatty deposits within the body. Also, they are designed for use by anyone; from fit people who are just trying to burn through those last few stubborn pounds to those who might exhibit the 'pear-shape' form. These machines come in varying shapes and forms dependent upon the area of the body which you which to eradicate fat from. So if you have fatty deposits around your waist and hips, you will use a different machine to someone who is aiming to rid themselves of cellulite or someone hoping to regain some skin firmness and battle water retention for example. The fact there are such technologies  being developed in this field is cool, due to the fact it is non intrusive and incorporates exercise it seems a lot more of an appealing way to try and hit those last few pounds of fat than undergoing the discomfort of surgery and that whole rigmarole.

I would just like to state, once again, that this type of treatment should only be considered once other conventional methods, such as the afore-mentioned nutritious balanced diet combined with regular exercise, have failed you. No two people lose fat in the same way and I know of many people who are very active and yet still carry a few pounds of unwanted non-functional weight. It can be especially difficult to shift such weight once you hit 30 as everything begins slowing down. I find it exciting to wonder where such techniques might be in another 10, 20 or even 50 years time, and how easily available all such things will one day become to people. The results of the Hypoxi system seem to be quite impressive, even after just 4 weeks of treatment as can be seen via the photographs on the website.

Post written by Michael David; You can check out more of his writings on his blog A Classic Gent.

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