A Complete Guide To Buying Cheap Wedding Rings That Look Beautiful

Considering that most diamond wedding ring sets for couples cost as much as a pre-owned Civic, it sometimes makes sense to look for cheaper alternatives. Some couples simply don’t want to spend that much on wedding rings and would much rather save the money for a proper honeymoon. Popular wisdom dictates that wedding rings have to be expensive to be “special”. Unless you are hellbent on buying a platinum ring, encrusted with a large diamond, that’s certainly not the case.
Following a very successful marketing campaign by De Beers, people started to really believe that buying diamond rings is a matrimonial necessity. The same incessant marketing tactics are now deployed to promote platinum as the new wedding must-buy. In reality, it doesn’t really matter how much you spend as long as you get a great looking ring. If you are smart enough to look beyond the so-called tradition you can not only save money, but you can actually find something that’s truly special.

What Are The Best Places To Find Affordable Wedding Rings?

Most jewellery stores are focused on selling precious metal rings with diamonds. If you want to score a great deal you have to be an offbeat buyer. Visit antique shops and thrift stores to find great rings. Instead of looking for wedding rings focus your effort on finding beautiful rings. Jewellery stores often sell regular rings as wedding rings just to hike the price. You can also hunt for cheap wedding rings online. Online jewellery stores often boast a great collection of rings made from alternative metals and semi-precious stones. Buying online also allows you to compare prices and it saves you the trouble of going out.

Don’t Try to Mimic the Diamond-And-Platinum Look: Buying zirconium rings that look like a diamond ring is not a good move. It kind of makes the wedding ring less special as it mimics the look of something that’s more expensive. Dare to be different, by choosing coloured gemstones and metals that don’t try to copy gold or platinum.

Explore Unique Metal Options: Platinum is expensive because it’s rare and beautiful. There are plenty of other metal options that look just as luxurious, but they are cheaper because they are readily available. Titanium, for example, is a pure metal and it has the same silvery sheen of platinum. Rose gold, an alloy made from copper and gold, has a strikingly different look. It’s coppery reddish hue goes really well with coloured gemstones such as peridot. Right from tungsten and palladium to sterling silver and yellow gold, there are plenty metal options that are affordable yet beautiful.
Gemstones That Won’t Break the Bank: Considering that almost every recently-wed bride dons a diamond ring, diamond is not that exclusive anymore. Don’t get us wrong, diamonds are beautiful and if you want to get one there is no harm in doing so. However, if you are on a budget, buying a diamond ring can lead you towards getting something that has a compromised-look. However, when you buy a wedding ring with semi-precious gemstones you can get a bigger carat size.

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