3 Ways To Continue Your Education Throughout Your Life*

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Do you know what all of the greatest thinkers and many of the highest achievers in human history have had in common? The fact that they never allowed their education to come to an end.

For most people, they will leave school, and perhaps go to university, where they might well need the services of a company such as refinancestudent.loan to handle their loans, then enter the world of work in earnest and, for all intents and purposes, give up on the process of further education from that point on.

But education isn’t just a diploma or a degree, and it’s not just something that you should pursue for the sake of landing a good job. Education is the ongoing process of acquiring new knowledge, that thing that turns you into an even more well-rounded, capable, interesting and insightful individual throughout your life.

So here are some tips for continuing your education throughout your life.

Create yourself a reading list and work through it systematically

If knowledge is power, as they say, then books are the key to accessing that power. Many informative articles have been written on the internet, and many instructive videos have found their way onto Youtube and similar hosting sites.

Nonetheless, books remain absolutely dominant in their ability to convey a wealth of information on a given subject.

If you’re serious about continuing learning throughout your life, the first step is to identify some areas which you have a particular interest in, and then use these as the basis for creating a reading list.

Your reading list should contain any book you’re interested in reading. Don’t be reluctant to include fiction on there — fiction is another part of your education, and even rubbish books can teach you something about the art of storytelling and the nature of the human condition.

Once you have compiled your reading list, work through it systematically. Try and finish one book before starting another. This will instil self-discipline, and will also prevent you from becoming surrounded by a dozen half-finished books at all times.

Investigate free online courses

Seeking out small courses on subjects that you have a particular fascination with is now easier than it ever has been before.

Not only that, but many of these courses can be accessed online for free, or for a small token fee as in the case of services such as Coursera, for example.

Seeking out and participating in such free courses can be a brilliant way of meaningfully expanding your understanding of a given subject.

Put yourselves in positions which encourage you to learn new skills

Not all lifestyles and habits are equally conducive to continued learning throughout life. If you find yourself cruising through your day-job on autopilot, without feeling intellectually stimulated, and don’t have any hobbies or foster any particular interests, your capacity for growth is strongly limited.

To counteract this potential problem, constantly seek out positions which will enable — and in fact, require — you to learn new skills.

You should keep yourself perpetually at a point of productive tension in both your professional and private lives. A place where you need to constantly search for a bit “more” to give, but which doesn’t threaten to destroy you simultaneously.

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