Tales Of Success From 'Ordinary' People*

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All too often we read about the success stories of people who are rich and famous or of the amazing growth and global expansions of companies, but it can be fairly difficult to relate to these stories of success. We all know about Branson's Record Shop, Marks and Spencer's barrow and Lord Sugar's success with Amstrad and such like. But to the average person such tales can seem so far removed from one's own reality. So I have decided to write a post introducing the tales of success of two businesses and their respective creators who I think you might be able to relate to a little more on some level. These businesses originated from humble beginnings, and now they are global enterprises grossing millions of dollars per year.

So firstly let me introduce you to Chrissy Weems, a woman hailing from the US of A, she is a wife and a mother. A few years ago while enduring a period of financial struggle, she decided that it was time to see whether she could make a few extra dollars to help ease the family's financial stresses. Being interested in arts and crafts she recognised an opportunity to sell such products online via the auction site Ebay. From their initial sale Chrissy and her daughter made $1000.

Please note the average household contains up to 1800 worth of unwanted/unused goods. So have a clear out and see if you can sell some of your stuff online. What is Chrissy's 'secret' . . . She has gone on, with her daughters of course, to become a global business, as the President and Co-founder of Origami Owl, she has shown how even the smallest ideas can grow into the most remarkable success stories. The brand focuses on jewelry and accessories with personalization available according to the preference of the customer. Since her remarkable achievements in business Chrissy has wasted no time in giving something back. She has introduced a scholarship award programme for young entrepreneurs and it seems Chrissy Weems is keen to encourage the next generation of business stars. At present Origami Owl is operated with Chrissy at the helm, alongside her daughters and husband making this a modern day tale of the 'American dream'.

The UK's first 'Ebay millionaire', Mark Radcliffe, wasn't always wealthy. In fact at twenty one he was working part time in Macdonald's and Tesco, but seeing an opportunity to make a bit of extra pocket money he founded a business, First2Save and began selling mobile phone parts and accessories from his parent's garden shed. He went on to set-up an online company specialising in the retail of bathrooms, and formed Victorian Plumbing in 2000. His turnover increased from $42282 (£30000) in 2001 to over $104 million (£74 million) in 2016, making him a millionaire before he turned thirty.

There are now more Ebay millionaires than ever, and since 2013 there has been more than a 50% increase from 443 to 663 'Ebay millionaires'. Despite an economically turbulent time during the 2010's the UK online retail economy demonstrated a welcome level of robustness. Food for thought . . . 

*Written by Michael David *Image via Pexels

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