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There's always been a part of me that has felt the need to really make a difference. No matter what I've been doing in life, no matter what job, I've always genuinely liked to help others. Perhaps this is why I thought nursing would be the ideal career? Sadly that didn't work out, as most of you know I quit university after one year and ended up back in dentistry. However, I count myself lucky that I still get to make a difference in other ways. 

As part of a generous church parish, St. Clare's has done much fund raising over the years and we've been able to really change some peoples lives. I say some because of course the world is a very big place and there will always be someone else who needs our help. 

Take Samira for instance, when her village was attacked she was forced to flee with the children in her care. They eventually made it to Maiduguri many miles away but sadly four of the children died along the way. Others like Falmata and her two children are living in makeshift communities just outside Maiduguri and the conditions are appalling. Millions of the poorest people in the world are feeling the devastating impacts of war, conflict, droughts, poverty and extreme weather. They're struggling to get by without food, safe water or a roof over their heads.

It's not all doom and gloom though. Many of us are in a position to help. People like you and me. Don't panic, I'm not suggesting for one second that you hop on a plane and head on over to the dangerous war torn areas or poverty stricken countries. However you can help by simply donating to a charity or by doing some fund raising of your own. 

I'll be completely honest, there are times when I feel disheartened. There is always a new appeal and there are always people in need. It would be wonderful to live in a peaceful world where there is no pain, violence, war, conflict, fear, hunger, poverty or ill health but sadly this isn't so. All we can do is try to remain positive and continue to do our bit. 

Christian Aid was founded in 1945 and is just one of the many charity organisations that we support as a parish community. If you visit the Christian Aid website you can read more about how they help those in need. Over twelve thousand Rohingya people have already been provided with shelter kits, healthcare and access to safe water and sanitation. In Yemen, although there are still over ten million people in need of live-saving humanitarian assistance, Christian Aid along with partner Action Against Hunger have helped thousands by treating malnutrition and providing healthcare. Over a period that spans seventy years, Christian Aid has helped countless people with food, shelter, healthcare and so much more. 

You don't have to be a church goer to help, any and everyone can do their bit and you'll find many volunteering opportunities in your area. With Christian Aid week fast approaching, now is the time to plan your fund raising events! 

If you're a big talker - like me - you could plan a sponsored silence. I bet my friends and family would be on board with that one! :) If baking is more your thing then you could hold a cake sale either at your school, church or even in your front garden if the weather is nice. Other ideas could be holding a car wash event, a bric-a-brac sale, a quiz night or even a treasure hunt. Use your imagination and come up with different ideas. The point is just to get together and have fun whilst raising money for those in need. 

Christian Aid previously ran a Big Brekkie fund raising event which proved so successful that it's back to see another day! Why not join the hundreds of others across the UK and plan your own Big Brekkie fund raising breakfast? You could host yours at your local church, at your workplace, at home or perhaps even get your school or college involved! Register today to receive your free fundraising pack and you'll get sent everything you need to get the ball rolling. It's definitely a fun (and tasty) way to raise some pennies for those worse off than ourselves.

I'll leave you today with a call to action and parting words from ninety year old Theodor Davidovic. Sixty years on, it's clear that Christian Aid has a firm place in his heart.

'In the camps, it was Christian Aid that sent the parcels... feeding us for two-and-a-half years, and I never forgot it. Christian Aid helped me to survive and I feel I owe my life to Christian Aid. I vowed there and then to do my best as long as I live, and I'm still doing it.'

Christian Aid week 13-19 May

*A percentage of my fee for this post will be donated to Christian Aid.

*Photos via Pexels.

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  1. Thanks for bringing this to people's attention. I think we'd all love to be able to make a difference. It's good knowing even small amounts help.
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