3 Careers To Consider After Studying Body Contour Fashion*

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This post will be of interest for those of you who love fashion or have aspirations to get into the fashion industry. 

The majority of fashion designers have a degree under their belt and although you don't always need this to get your foot in the door, a fashion related degree will stand you in good stead. Signing up to undertake a degree is a big decision and ultimately you'll want answers to particular questions before you commit to any course. Which university will provide the best education? Where will this degree take me in the future? How employable will I be afterwards? These are all questions that you should consider and once you've whittled down your choice of universities, I would advise attending any open days or events so that you can source all the information you need. 

With regards to the fashion industry, a standard fashion degree will usually cover the generals such as building a portfolio and learning how to use CAD - computer aided design. However, depending on the route you want to take, it might be worth considering studying a more specific course such as Body Contour Fashion which will give you a wealth of expertise. GirlGoneDreamer has teamed up with Cleveland College of Art and Design to look at some of the career opportunities that will be within your reach after studying a Body Contour Fashion course:

Fashion Designer

Image Source Pexels

It doesn't matter whether you’re looking to become a womenswear, menswear or even childrenswear designer. A contour design course will give your CV that all important 'edge' due to the impressive skill set you'll acquire. It's highly likely that you'll start your career as a design assistant but don't be disheartened as in time this may then lead to a full designer role. Your portfolio will become your new best friend so make sure that you keep it up to date throughout your studies. Competition is fierce in this industry so bear in mind that your portfolio could be what separates you from other candidates when battling it out to work at a top fashion firm. Once you have got your foot in the door you'll quickly learn what it's like to work in the fashion industry and you'll gain an invaluable amount of experience. You'll also hopefully get the opportunity to work on real life projects which will make a great addition to your portfolio.

Fashion is an industry where trends are predicted long before they happen! You'll need to have a good eye for colour, texture and shape. You'll also need to be a 'hands on' person as you'll be using your technical skills for pattern-cutting and sewing. There are many other skills that you'll need but don't worry as most will be perfected throughout your university experience. 

According to the National Careers Service, the starting salary of a fashion designer is between £20,000 and £25,000 which can go up to £40,000 with experience. If you choose to go freelance then you can of course set your own rates. Some highly experienced designers can earn up to £80,000!

Fashion Marketing and Public Relations

Image Source Pexels

If behind the scenes is more your thing or if you want to send a powerful message to an audience, do bear in mind fashion marketing and public relations. These two roles go hand-in-hand and could make the perfect combination if you want to go really far in the industry. 

As you’ll just be starting out after finishing university, you’ll more than likely become an in-house public relations officer initially which may help you to progress on to other roles such as social media manager or head of communications. If you want to break away from an in-house occupation then you could consider becoming a freelance advertiser, marketer or journalist. If you are thinking of going down this career route then you’ll need excellent writing skills. Don't worry if you're not a natural born writer, like with most things, practice makes perfect! One way to improve your writing skills is to write as much as you can about any and everything and to also read broadly. Many fashion students run a blog alongside their studies too which might be an idea if you have the time. 

One simple mistake in the fashion industry can cost the brand you're working for a small fortune. Undoubtedly this is a lot of pressure for anyone. You'll need a confidence and a willingness to express your feelings and ideas on any campaign to ensure that the business you’re working for is gaining the best results. You'll be working to tight deadlines much of the time and as such, strong organisational skills and excellent time-management are essential.

According to the National Careers Service, the starting salary for a public relations officer is £18,000 to £22,000. Once you’ve gained some experience within the workplace this can go up to £24,000 to £35,000. If you fancy your chances at becoming a director then you could be looking at a salary of £40,000 to £90,000.

Fashion Illustrator

Image by Jason Machin

If you're a creative soul who loves to use the art of illustration as a form of expression then becoming a fashion illustrator might be a viable career option for you. 

As a fashion illustrator you'll be more than likely creating a front-end product for all the world to see so you'll need an eye for detail! A portfolio that showcases this and indeed your creative flair is an absolute must if you want to stand a chance at getting this kind of job.  

Whilst being an illustrator gives you a tad more freedom, the majority of the time you will be working to a brief. This will be a skill that you'll develop throughout your time at university and although it may require some practice at first, you'll soon become accustomed. With tight deadlines and products to deliver, amazing time management is also essential. 

Figures from the National Careers Service say that the starting salary for an illustrator is £14,000 to £19,000, however, once you’ve been working a while and have gained more experience within your role, you could take a pay rise of somewhere between £20,000 and £30,000. Those who are highly experienced within fashion illustration can earn around £40,000 a year.

If you fancy a career in the fashion industry then go for it and don't let anyone deter you from your dream. You'll gain many transferable skills from your time at university so even if you don't get into fashion, it doesn't mean that there won't be other career options open to you. The world is literally your oyster.

*Header photo via Pexels

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