Survival Knives: The Perfect Companion For Your Outdoor Adventure!

Knives have been known to be the perfect partner for many jobs, from being a part of the kitchen to helping adventure seekers out in the wild. You could definitely benefit by owning a knife or a set of knives, as per your requirement.

When you love the outdoors, then you will need a best friend to have your back. A survival knife can help you with that. There are many stores who offer top grade survival knives in the UK. When you head out on your outdoor adventures having a knife that aids you to survive under adverse conditions would be a good idea.


Whether you are a novice or an experienced outdoor adventure seeker, a survival knife is always a good thing to carry around. If you are new to wilderness survival skills, then you will definitely need a survival knife. It can be used in various ways. Here are some of them:

Hunting: A survival knife is one of the most popular knives used by hunters. It can be used in a number of ways. You can use it as a spear, attached to the end of a long rod or branch. You could also set a trap using a survival knife. A dead animal can be prepared for cooking and eating with the help of this kind of knife.

Digging: Carrying a shovel on an outdoor adventure can be a difficult task. If stuck in an adverse situation you would need to dig in the ground to build a fire pit. Digging could also be used to find underground tubers and other things that could be food. Other ways that digging could help you includes building a makeshift toilet. A survival knife is the perfect tool to help you with your digging activities and help you on your outdoor adventure.

Tool Making: A survival knife is good enough for any outdoor adventure, but certain extra tools can be helpful. You could always use the knife to fashion tools like a spear or a bow drill.

First-Aid: When you are out in the wilderness, you will have to make first-aid supplies. The survival knife can help you cut bandages, take out splinters and even help drain painful blisters.

Hammer: Carrying a hammer out to wilderness adventures is not something that most people do. What most outdoor adventure seekers do is carry a top notch survival knife. This kind of knife is quite hardy, so its pommel, the butt end of the knife, can be used as a hammer. You could crack open nuts or stake down the tent you are building/assembling.

Cutting/Chopping Wood: A campfire is something that any outdoor adventure seeker would be looking to build. Even if you are not lost, if you plan to spend the night in the wilderness, a fire will help keep you warm and the wild animals away. A good survival knife will help you chop down the logs to the right size to create a fire. You could also chop wood to create a shelter or a rafter, if needed.

Clearing a Path: In the worst-case scenario, where you are stuck out in the wilderness, you would be smart to clear a path to move forward. You would also need to clear out an area for building shelter or a fire. A survival knife can help you in the task. All you need to do is carry the right knife of superior quality.


When you go on your outdoor adventure it is not necessary that you get stuck, but if you do, a survival knife can help you survive and sustain yourself for a longer time. Even if you are not stuck in any adverse situation, it could still help you on your adventure. So, carrying a survival knife on your outdoor adventure can actually be quite beneficial.

*Contributed by Sarah Williams

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