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There was a time when going to prom was deemed more of an American tradition, indeed when I was at high school all we got was a 'leavers' meal at the local restaurant. Oh how times have changed. Now it seems that many American traditions such as prom have travelled overseas so that we can enjoy them too. 

For many teenagers, this time of year is when things start to get really serious. If it's not knuckling down in preparation for exams, then it's planning what to wear to the end of school or college prom. 

Before you part with any cash, there are several factors you should bear in mind when choosing your attire. 


Firstly, what are you going to be comfortable in? Are you someone who likes to show a bit of leg? Then there's no rule that says a prom dress has to be a floor length gown. Are you confident showing your arms? If not you can buy dresses with little cap sleeves or alternatively you could drape a wrap over your shoulders. You're going to be spending several hours in this dress, posing for many photos so you want to make sure you look and feel comfortable.


Don't choose a dress just because a similar colour and style looked great on Selena Gomez in the latest edition of your glossy mag. What looks great on her won't necessarily look good on you. Don't try to be something or someone that you're not, learn to be confident in your own skin and choose a dress that flatters your body and complexion. 

Remaining Unique

This is particularity difficult to pull off. It's every girls nightmare that someone else will turn up in the same dress. Obviously this is easily done especially if you're all from the same town and are all shopping on the same high street. You could plump for ordering online but as most fashion houses stock more than one of each dress, there's really no guarantee that you'll be the only one wearing it come prom night. 

Perhaps choose to shop out of town and opt for a small boutique that offers one off unique dresses. Most smaller boutiques only stock a few dresses in each style anyway so you're less likely to turn up looking like someone's duplicate. 

Make Sure It Fits

This sounds like I'm stating the obvious, but if you've splashed out on your prom gown, then you'll want to make sure it looks absolutely perfect. An ill fitting dress can really spoil the effect so it's a good idea to pay a visit to a seamstress at an Alterations Boutique and they'll make the necessary adjustments. You'll be glad you did not just on prom night but as you look back on the photos for years to come. 

Accessories And Shoes

If you've gone all out on the dress then don't let the outfit down by wearing the wrong accessories or shoes. If you're on a budget then check out local charity or second hand shops for unique pre-owned pieces of jewellery. However, if you can't source anything suitable then go without instead. Sometimes simple elegance is key. 
With regards to your footwear, you can pick up reasonably priced shoes from the likes of New Look. I love this particular fashion brand as they have various colours and designs so you're sure to find a pair that match your dress.

Enjoy prom night! 

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