Where To Shop For Your Mother's Day Gifts This Year*

*This is a collaborative post*

Sunday the eleventh of March will mark a special day for mothers and children all over the UK. It will of course be Mother's Day and as such, many of us will be on the hunt for the perfect gift.

Mothering Sunday if we're going to use it's true name, has been celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent since around the 16th century. Although it's origins are religious, these days it is a day that has become somewhat more commercialised and is now more known as a day when we give thanks to our mothers and lavish them with gifts.

I took my eldest nephew and his mum along for a trip to one of Preston's B&M Stores to see what twenty pounds could buy. It was interesting to see what an eleven year old picked out whereas my sister was giving helpful pointers as to what a busy, stressed mum would appreciate. 
Needless to say I think we were all pleasantly surprised at what twenty pounds could get although there were so many more lovely items to choose from that I could easily have spent more.

We finally settled on the items shown in the photos. Huge thanks to Janine and Nathan for assisting with this blog project!

Mothers come in various shapes, sizes and forms and each has different likes and dislikes. We tried to bear this in mind to showcase gifts for a variety of tastes. 

For the younger child this Peppa Pig mug is ideal. It's an excellent representation of the givers age and it comes in a delightful gift box with a trolley coin key ring.

Chocolate is a must for nearly every mother and Nathan plumped for a box of Cadbury's Heroes. As my own mother pointed out, it's rather fitting as many mothers are in fact 'heroes.' Nice touch mum!

I couldn't not make a grab for this candle when I read the quote. For many, one of my own best friends included, their mothers are sadly no longer on this earth, but that does not mean that they are unloved or forgotten. On the contrary, they're in our minds every day, so what could be lovelier than a fitting tribute come Mother's Day such as lighting a candle like this one? 

The plaque below which my sister picked out, is a pretty ornament that can be hung in almost any room of the house. I think they're great rules to live by!

Nathan found this jumbo mug with the tired hashtag in the kitchenware aisle and we all had a giggle about it. This is the perfect token gift for a busy, tired and stressed out mum who also has a sense of humour. This is also ideal for all us busy bloggers who juggle blogging with full time jobs. Might have to keep this for myself! #VeryTired :)

The pretty wine savings bank was actually from the selection of designated Mother's Day gifts. The only downside to this gift is that you'd have to smash it to get your money out which seems a shame. Perhaps it might be one you'd have as a keepsake instead.

I'd say that most mothers like to relax at the end of a long day, quite often with a glass of wine, so I loved that this gift set came with a little bottle of Echo Falls, a wine glass, and some Thornton's chocolates. 

Finally, there is also a fantastic selection of cards available in B&M's and I did go over my twenty pounds budget by just ninety seven pence because Nathan wanted to get this pretty card for his mum.

All in all it was a very successful trip and no doubt my sisters will be finding these gifts before them come the eleventh of March. (The boys have already placed dibs on what they each want to give!) I wholeheartedly recommend you visit one of the many B&M Stores and not just for Mother's Day gifts. They have hundreds of items for an array of purposes. Happy shopping!

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