The Importance Of Being Punctual* Written By Michael David

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For me, turning up late to an event or an appointment is something I try to avoid like the plague. Don't get me wrong, now and then it might happen due to some sort of extenuating and unforeseen circumstance but for the most part I'd say I'm on time for appointments ninety eight per cent of the time at a conservative estimate. I was raised to be punctual and it always resonated with me that 'time is of the essence', and that to waste somebody else's time is just unacceptable. Some people I know have punctuality down to a fine art and I am sure you will know such people too. You know the ones I mean, they might live ten minutes away from work but they will set off an hour early, they'll arrive at work in the dark and have a brew, a cup of something hot and a read of the daily papers, and by the time the workday begins they are just raring to get stuck in.

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Punctuality in the workplace in particular is always perceived to be a sign of professionalism and it always construes to me a sense of someone's eagerness to get on with one's work and to be productive. It is crucial for those who work as part of a team especially, and people who are punctual will often exhibit more positive work habits than those who are consistently late such as having better organisational skills and a higher level of efficiency in the work place. Being late is only acceptable for soon to be wed brides and egotistical celebs who like to arrive last to a party in order to make a statement, although for me, only brides are allowed, and even that is pushing it. Woody Allen once said that '80 per cent of opportunities come just from showing up'. I think the importance of one's time and attendance through life is very much an underrated yet crucial component of success.

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No matter what the aspect of life, punctuality is important and I am reminded of a speech I once heard by retired US Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell (the book and film, 'Lone Survivor',  recount his personal experiences leading up to and culminating with his participation in the ill-fated Operation Redwing Mission). A line from this inspirational veteran's speech which has always stuck with me for some reason since I first heard it was the following: 'On time is 15 minutes early!'. It just struck me as being such a simple modification that anyone can make in their own lives, an adjustment which can really only serve to benefit you with zero negative implications. The fact that this point was really emphasised by this kind of man highlighted to me the importance of always being 'on time'.

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In the workplace especially, tardiness is one of the biggest bug bears for any employer due to some of the negative connotations aforementioned, as well as the fact that ultimately it effects the business' bottom line. Be sure to remember that if you do work in a team environment, then persistent tardiness can also become irritating to your peers, so do your best to keep your time and attendance stats in check. After-all when it comes to the time for promotions or appraisals, being punctual will always stand you in good stead and signify to colleagues and bosses alike that you are a professional and reliable individual.

*Written by Michael David

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  1. We have a similar saying within acting, early is on time, on time is late and late is fired. I am always punctual for important work things (not least because it makes me less stressed) but outside of that, plans sometimes bore me. I like a bit of spontaneity, keeps things interesting!


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