Moving Home - Tips To Ensure Moving Day Is Stress Free*

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Moving house is stressful. I know this because I've helped my sister do it numerous times and it can be a real nightmare if you're not sufficiently organised. Creating a list of 'To-Dos' can prove useful so that you don't forget anything. Below are just some handy pointers to help your move go without a hitch.

Think Ahead 

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Organise to have your personal mail re-directed to ensure you still receive it even after you've moved. This can also help to protect against identity fraud.

Check that you know where the stopcock, gas and electric meters are in your new place. Do you need to buy an electricity or gas card to top up the meter? You don't want to be sat in darkness later on in the evening, cold and unable to have a brew. Likewise if you have kids, they won't be thrilled if they arrive at their new home and can't turn on the TV or play their computer games. And yes I'm speaking from experience here! 

Notify everyone of your change of address and not just family and friends. You should also update your details with your GP and the dentist too.

Hire An Extra Pair Of Hands 

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Don't go it alone. Hiring professional movers and packers is a sensible decision and can help to ensure that your move is as stress free as possible. The Man and Van Removals are just one affordable removal company who provide a speedy and reliable service throughout London and the UK. 

I like to read reviews before deciding on a company as I believe it speaks volumes about them and their services. From what I read on The Man and Van website I would say that they come highly recommended. Punctual, helpful, professional, reasonably priced and will use again, are just some of the words used by satisfied customers. I would of course suggest that you always do your own research before choosing a removals service. Most will also give you an instant online quote.

The Man and Van don't just provide a removals service, if you have a large item that you need delivering then you can take advantage of their courier service. With a 100% guarantee for a safe delivery of your house or office contents, you really can't go wrong.


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Once you've hired your movers for the big day, you can start to think about packing. Collect boxes from friends and family or invest in some flat packs. I'm relatively lucky that I have access to many large cardboard boxes as we get stock delivered to the practice on a regular basis.

Whatever you do, don't leave packing until the last minute because you'll end up stressed and in a fluster with items in completely the wrong places. At the same time, wait to pack your everyday essentials until much nearer moving day. You don't want to be raiding boxes looking for your hair dryer with still a week to go.

Try to organise your boxes methodically, labelling each. It's also worth picking up some bubble wrap for any breakables. Make sure you mark any of these boxes as fragile.

Keep a separate box for things that you think you'll need on moving day such as screw drivers and even tea bags so you have them to hand when you arrive at the new house.

On Moving Day

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It's here, the big day! Get up early and have a hearty breakfast along with your favourite cup of coffee or tea. You're going to need it as you have a long and tiring day ahead of you.

Once all the boxes are loaded on board the removals van, before you leave your old house for the very last time, have a final once over to ensure you haven't missed anything. It's surprising what can get left behind in kitchen cupboards amongst the chaos! 

And When You're Done

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Yay! Congratulations, you did it! You survived the move. Now it's time to collapse in a heap, celebrate and enjoy your new home. Ordering takeout is of course optional! :) 

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