Leaving Your Twenties? It's Time To Embrace Your Age!*

*This is a collaborative post*

When the realization dawns that you're nearing the end of your twenties, it can hit you like a ton of bricks! Panic sets in as it feels like life is over! Of course we know this isn't really the case, we just don't like to acknowledge the fact that we're all getting older. As a result, we often try to cling onto the remaining remnants of our youth, sometimes by going for alternative fashion choices that don't always make us look particularly good - no matter what we think to the contrary. Yet the truth is, you should and can embrace entering your thirties. Here's how;

Do Something About Your Body's Decline

The first thing we think of when we are on approach to the big three 'O' is that everything is just going to go south. Our body, health, memory, it's all going wrong! But the fact is, this is just a sheer lack of determination to do anything about it. Instead, why don't you take control of your health, and join that gym, or take that eye test? For some people, getting glasses is the sign that they are officially “old” and the day you pick up your glasses is the day you lose any sense of style. However this isn't the case at all, and in fact, there are some excellent styles to suit any age, click here and have a look at some of these rimless glasses! We think that as we enter our thirties, our faculties decline, but this is something that's actually started as soon as we hit eighteen! Sorry folks but that's a fact. Old Mother Time creeps up on us, but instead of thinking you are just going to be put out to pasture, why don't you do what you can to look after yourself? Some people take the initiative and hit the gym harder, work harder, and even end up more intelligent as they get older. So why don't you join this initiative and buck the trend?

Reassess Your Priorities

Do you really care about adding another digit to your age? If you really do, then maybe it would be wise to start reassessing what's important to you in life. In our early twenties, the important things in life are simple, socializing and having a damn good time. As you get older, your priorities change, and for some people, this is enforced, such as starting a family, or when you actually realize that what you've been doing in your twenties doesn't translate well into your thirties. Sure, going out clubbing every night can be fun, but once you pass a certain age it can and will start to catch up with you. Think about your life and where it is now, have you achieved everything you want to achieve? If you are thinking about settling down to start a family then have a read of the many parenting blogs out there for helpful tips and support. Real Parent by Lucy has a whole host of content including sections on pregnancy and parenting.

For some reason, we approach our late twenties with dread, but there is more evidence to show that we are actually happier in our thirties. We stop caring so much about what other people think, and we relax into ourselves. So regardless of your declining faculties, or the fact that your hangovers last a little bit longer now, you are going to hit thirty. Once you accept this you can learn to enjoy and embrace it!

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