Is It Safe For My Child To Wear Veneers?*

Are Veneers Safe for Children?
Cosmetic surgery has become more advanced within the recent years. With these advances, medical doctors have come to understand the needs of the public and how to serve each patient and their individual needs best. A perfect example is veneers. Veneers are thin porcelain caps that go over the tooth to cover any imperfections. Surgeons are certified and more than qualified to complete such procedures on young children.

Why Parents Choose Veneers for Their Children
With so many chemicals, sweets, hygiene, and environmental issues children are susceptible to forming teeth that may not be considered healthy. Chips and stains may become an issue as they grow, causing children not to feel as confident. As a parent, the need and confidence of a child to thrive are a high priority. If a simple plastic/cosmetic surgery, like veneers, can boost that confidence then it becomes a viable option.

Children are still coming into their own giving them that extra boost will help them focus on developing their character rather than worrying about the state of their teeth. Veneers are meant to be a therapeutic process rather than purely cosmetic.

The rise of sugary drinks and overall lack of healthy food has increased the dental cosmetic need for veneers. Children as young as four years of age have been sent to hospitals due to tooth decay. The lack of fluoride toothpaste users has also caused the rise of tooth decay.
Parents may also choose to give their children veneers for chipped or stained teeth.

As mentioned above, the rise of sugar cravings in children only adds the problem to their teeth. Children's teeth are easily stained and are difficult to maintain if not cared for correctly through diet. Even then certain conditions will make children more susceptible to easily stained teeth. As for chips in the teeth, most children are extremely active. To say that no child will ever hurt themselves while running, playing, even sleeping is a farce train of thought. When a child chips their tooth, they may have done damage to their baby tooth as well as their adult tooth. Therefore, waiting will only prolong the process. Leaving cracked teeth may also cause injury to a child's mouth or tongue.

Who Can Get Veneers?
Children are sensitive; therefore, veneers seem an out-of-this-world option. Perhaps this is the reason why this cosmetic enhancement has not always been the first option for parents as there is a lack of information out in the market. Children of any age may receive veneers as long as it is approved by your dentist. Choosing a certified dentist is key, as you want someone who will be able to give you the best information.

When parents take their children to get veneers, there are two choices they can make: porcelain or resin veneers. Dentist and parents tend to lean toward veneers. Veneers are much more sustainable as they have a longer life, about 10-15 years. The resin is not as stain resistant and looks less like natural teeth than the other option.

Where Can Children Get Veneers?
King of Prussia Periodontics and Dental Implants led by Dr.Marissa Crandall Cruz, Dr. Mana Nejadi, and Dr. Rimple Sandhu is one location that is certified and employs dentists and plastic surgeons that know the ins and outs of dentistry cosmetic surgery. Always do your research and consultations are available for those parents who are interested in getting veneers for their children. Porcelain veneers are much more attainable than in years past. Procedures are safer than years past, and the growing need for cosmetic surgery has given dentists' the knowledge that they need to assist their smaller patients best. With a more natural look, no one will ever know that the veneers are not your child's real teeth.

Finding a dentist today will avoid future injury if you have a child with chipped teeth, stained teeth, or tooth decay. The damage is not only physical but to their person as well. Dentists are specially trained to give your child the procedure that best fits them. As many parents worry, and rightfully so, this method is no cause for alarm. As the years have gone by and more research has been done, the veneers procedure has become drastically safer than in decades past. The cosmetic surgeon that performs this process will utterly knowledgeable in aftercare. If you find yourself still doubting whether this procedure is for your child, visit a professional. Only they will be able to give you all the needed information that will allow you to come up with a decision. Before you go, be sure to write out a list of questions you may have about the procedure. Subjects may include issues such as before the procedure, any anesthesia questions, or how to take care of veneers. 

*Article contributed by KOP Perio 

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