How To Ensure Your Wedding Dress Fits Like A Dream*

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Your wedding day is going to be one of the most important days of your life. Most girls daydream of every aspect, from how the venue will look to of course the dress. 
No matter how much cash you splash when buying your wedding dress, if it doesn't fit like a glove then it's not going to look anywhere near perfect on the big day, and if there's one thing I know about most brides, they want everything about their wedding to be perfect.

Someone who knew all about this was my nanna. She spent a lifetime sewing, altering and also making garments. It was indeed my nanna who taught me much of what I know and she actually worked in a bridal house for donkeys years up until her retirement. Little note for those of you who often wonder where my dream of owning a bridal store sprung from, now you know, it was because of my nanna. I've always found a magic in bridal houses, in wedding planning and in seeing a happy bride in her dream dress.

How Can I Make Sure My Dress Fits Like It Should?

To ensure your dress fits perfectly you'll need to enlist the help of a seamstress. When choosing yours it's important that you do your research, after-all, you're going to be handing over your prized possession to someone who will take tools to it that quite frankly would give most of us a headache. I honestly think that a seamstress must have the patience of a saint, or that's what I Iearned from watching my nanna unpick, alter and put back together garment after garment. 

Choosing Your Seamstress

The three main factors you'll need to consider are experience, reputation and your budget.


It goes without saying that experience is essential. You'll want to find a seamstress who knows what they're doing and who has worked with various delicate fabrics for many years. My nanna could take one look at a garment and would remark on what needed altering before she'd even taken any measurements, that's only something that comes with years of experience.


Reputation is also vital. You could choose the swankiest looking alterations house in the city but that doesn't mean they'll be any good. Nothing speaks louder than customer feedback, positive or not, so look for reviews or testimonials. A reputable company will usually have these on their website.


Most brides when budgeting will allow for the cost of the dress, venue, flowers, catering etc etc, but many forget to budget for any required alterations. Chat to your seamstress before you both commit to the project to ensure you can afford it.

Don't Wait Until The Last Minute

I can't stress this enough, please buy your dress in plenty of time. If you leave it too late than it's going to be a rush to get any alterations carried out and there'll be no guarantees it'll get done in time. Buy your dress a good nine months in advance and book your first fitting with your chosen seamstress at least twelve weeks - no less - before the big day. If you're after more than basic alterations ie. you want sleeves added, embellishment or an alteration in style, then allow for longer. Most brides will require at least three fittings if not more with most dresses needing at least some alteration in the bust area. 

At the first appointment you'll chat to your seamstress to find out not just what you want but what's actually achievable. Like my nanna always taught me, it's much easier to take a dress in a little than it is to let one out a lot. So do bear this in mind when buying your dress. 

Other Considerations

Another factor that many brides forget is how your wedding night lingerie can impact on the fit and overall look of the dress. Always wear your planned undergarments to your first fitting appointment and take your wedding shoes too. This way your seamstress can take more accurate measurements and it will save any hiccups later on down the line. Honesty is the best policy. Tell your seamstress what you want and if she isn't on your wavelength then speak up, after-all, she's there to ensure that your wedding dress becomes your dream dress in time for the big day. 

If your chief bridesmaid or maid of honour is helping to dress you on your wedding day, make sure that they've been to one of the fitting appointments so they know how to get you into the dress and fasten it properly. When I was maid of honour it was last minute dot com while I fastened the bride into her Ronald Joyce gown using just a kirby grip. I'd had acrylic nails applied the previous day and it was a complete nightmare.

If you're a bride to be and are looking for more information on wedding dress alterations then check out Alterations Boutique who are a leading alterations company specializing in many alterations including bridal. They have over thirty years of experience and come highly recommended by not just customers but also leading fashion brands. Another huge selling point for me is their fourteen day perfect fit guarantee which means that all adjustments in this period are free of charge so you can relax in the knowledge that your dress is in safe hands and will be ready in time for your big day. 

If you take on board all the above and find a seamstress with superior craftsmanship then your dress should look perfect on your wedding day!

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