18 Signs That Your Relationship Isn't Right*

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*This is a collaborative post*

I do not have a vast amount of dating experience but what I have learnt is warning signs of a toxic relationship and what I definitely don't want from any future relationships. Some of the below mentioned are actually from my own experiences, others are via friends. If you find yourself agreeing or relating to more than a few, then I'd be giving your relationship some serious thought. Remember, you deserve your own fair share of happiness so don't settle for anyone or anything. Life is far too short.

Here are eighteen signs that something isn't quite right in your relationship;

1. If your partner has two phones and takes both everywhere yet tries to hide them when you happen to sneak a glance. Why would anyone need two phones unless one was for business/work? And if they don't have the sort of job which requires a work phone then I'd be seriously asking questions. 

2. If it becomes apparent several months in that they still want to keep you a secret. Why is this? Alarm bells should also be going off if you're still picking them up/dropping them off round the corner from their house even after a year.

3. If you've never met their friends or family unless it's been by accident. 

4. If they make no effort whatsoever to come to you for any dates and you're doing all the toing and froing. If after five years they still haven't travelled to you, don't let them make a fool out of you any longer.

5. If after five years you realise that you've never had a birthday card. Not a single one. 

6. If everything is always your fault. No matter what they might have done or not done, no matter the argument, they will always play the victim and you will always be in the wrong.

7. If all you seem to do these days is argue.

8. If they speak to you inappropriately. And I'm not talking 'in the heat of the moment when you're arguing inappropriate,' we're all only human after-all. I'm talking constant every day inappropriate chit chat or put downs in person or via text. It will eventually knock your confidence and wear you down.

9. If they try to change you. No-one should be made to change for anyone.

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10. If you can't be yourself around them or even worse, you're afraid to be.

11. If sex is always on their terms and they get sulky, demanding or even mean if things don't go their way.

12. If your mother doesn't like them. Nor do the rest of your family or friends.

13. If they won't commit or allow you to use a label such as 'girlfriend' because of one of the following; they're either just not ready, it's complicated, or they're damaged. Strangely, they're still happy to have their cake and eat it. Walk. Away.

14. If you're feeling drained or miserable more often than you're not.

15. If you're constantly defending them to your friends and family to justify why they've made you cry again.

16. If they have no respect for you. 

17. If you say I love you and they won't or can't say it back.

18. If they ask you to take down your Facebook/Twitter profile pic which features the two of you because they 'prefer to be private.' Oddly though, they do actually have their own Facebook and Twitter account with photos. Not to mention, you've also seen pictures of them on their friends Facebook/Twitter accounts. WTF? Yes I've been privy to experiences like this and it's usually turned out that the guy has been stringing along more than one girl.

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Sometimes we're scared of being alone and so we put up with all the above crap regardless of how unhealthy it may be for us. But toxic relationships are no good for anybody. Often we can't even see the signs until we've removed ourselves from the situation. No matter how much you may love the person, sometimes you have to do the right thing for yourself and simply walk away. Sure it will take time to get over them but know that you will in time. And when you feel ready to face the world of dating once more, keep in mind what you learnt from your last relationship. Think about what you do and don't want from a partner and look out for any warning signs before you get too emotionally involved. It's much easier to walk away three dates in than it is three years later. 

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