Ways To Make Your Wedding Planning Run As Smoothly As Possible*

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Planning a wedding is stressful, everyone knows this. Getting your invites out on time, organising a seating plan, going for the dress, the suit fittings and then looking for venues, it all takes time and effort. It can get a little overwhelming, especially as you get into the final months and everything starts coming together. Below are just three ways you can make sure that planning your wedding doesn’t mean that by the time the big day comes around, you wish you’d just eloped.

Be strict with your budget

Most people have a set amount that they can afford to spend on their wedding (usually composed of their savings), and you should aim to spend less than your budget if at all possible. Start with the big costs first ie. the venue, catering, entertainment, ceremony, and the outfits. Try to be thrifty with these; there are plenty of discounted wedding dress stores that mean you can get a dress worth thousands for just a few hundred. Use any contacts you have to get preferential rates on things. Once you’ve worked out the cost of the ‘essentials', you can then portion off how much you want to budget for the other parts of the wedding, like flowers, decorations etc. Many places will charge extra for the fact it is a wedding service, so try to search for companies who don’t advertise specifically for weddings.

Make a list

In order to be fully prepared, lists will be your new best friend. I am an avid list maker! You should make a list of everything that needs to be dealt with. Obviously, a wedding gift list is a must if you want to avoid being given four different cutlery sets. There are plenty of websites like http://mywishuk.com/wedding/ that will ensure that all your guests can know what it is you’re looking for. You should also make a list of all the other parts of your wedding, like the venue, flowers, decorations etc. That way when you have got prices quoted and picked a provider, you will know what else is left to be attained. If you keep your list up to date and refer to it regularly, you'll greatly reduce the likelihood of waking up on the day of your wedding realising that you never organised seat covers.

Be a team

Above all else, your wedding should be about more than just throwing a big party for your friends and family. As fun as that sounds. Your wedding is the first day of your marriage, and your marriage will - hopefully - bring you a lifetime of happiness, so start it right. The whole process of planning will be a lot simpler if you are there to support each other and keep each other grounded. Make decisions together, be mindful of what is important to your partner as well as you, and be willing to compromise. Set a precedent in your marriage for open communication and you’ll have a smooth journey, both in the planning and for the rest of your lives together. You'll find more content on weddings, dating and relationships over on Real Life.

There you have it, three pieces of great advice on how to make the stress of wedding-planning seem like a walk in the park! :)

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