The Shaving Essentials: A Breakdown*

*This is a collaborative post*

Sometimes, if you need a confidence boost, if you need to feel like your life is under control, the best thing to do is pick something and focus on getting it really right. Take a craftsman’s approach: start with getting the right tools, then perfect your technique and finally enjoy the results. Shaving is a great place to focus your efforts. A bad shave is at best functional. At worst, it might leave you with unsightly cuts and scrapes that leave you feeling less groomed than when you started!

The benefits of a good shave are well worth the time and money you can pour into perfecting your process so today we’re looking at the tools you need for the perfect shave.


You can work up a shaving lather from a number of sources. If you’re in a hurry there are aerosol shaving foams that lather up quickly, and for a more luxurious shave you could choose more traditional gels and soaps. Whatever you choose though, you should use a good shaving brush. It doesn’t just help to create a lather, it also lifts the hair on your face! Whether you’re shaving back a full set of whiskers or simply tidying some stubble, a good badger hair brush is the perfect preparation so your shave will be close, smooth and painless.


The most important part of your shaving kit is of course the razor. To begin with, we need to discount electric razors of all kinds. If we’re going for a perfect, classic shave an electric razor has no place in your bathroom.

Old-fashioned double-edged razors have been making a comeback over the past few years, and if you’re going for a luxury shave you could potentially spent a lot of money on the perfect tool for the job. Double-edged razors are good for a close shave that prevents acne, which is a risk that comes with more convenient multi-blade disposable razors.

If you want to go really classic, straight razors are available but these take real practice and confidence to use well, so make sure you chose wisely and if you go one, you’ll need to really commit!

Oils, Lotions and Aftershaves

There are of course plenty of additional products you can buy to supplement your shave. Starting with a pre-shave oil to soften your beard is a good idea if you’re dealing with a healthy growth of beard, and aftershave balms can help to sooth any irritation as a result of shaving, as well as moisturise your newly exposed skin!

Make sure you pick what’s right for you - focus on what you actually need rather than what happens to fashionable and you’ll soon have the perfect shaving kit. 

*Contributed by a third party

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