Trendy Interior Design: 5 Advantages of an Open Floor Plan in Your Home: Guest Post By Helen Bradford

Whether you are buying a new home or doing some renovations, it is important to know what kind of space feels the most comfortable to you. Open floor plans are very popular today since they fit modern interior design trends the most. They create the illusion of bigger space and allow sunlight to enter the room from more sides. This is ideal for those who enjoy a more social and interactive environment in their homes. But that is not all. 

More comfortable for socialising
Open floor plans are perfect for people who like entertaining their guests and socialising. Instead of spending all your time in the kitchen, you can prepare food and drinks while spending time with the guests. It is also great for parties since everyone can spend time in one room and still be able to gather into smaller groups. 
You can keep your living room area by adding a large seating set for a larger number of people and place the dining table by the windows. You can use different colours to separate the two, or create lower flooring for the living room area with a couple of steps. Avoid placing everything in one space, like the TV and fireplace. This will crowd the space and look tacky. Choose one of the two, depending on your lifestyle.

More light
Natural light is always more desirable than the artificial one. Open floor plans are ideal to build in more windows and even create walls out of glass. Depending on the sun exposure, you can add curtains from different materials. More transparent and swaying ones will be the perfect choice for homes facing the less sunlit sides. On the other hand, natural light will expand the place and make it more spacious. 
If you are exposed to sunlight for most of the day, you can be bolder with darker colours for your walls and furniture. Add some lush plants and you will create your own paradise away from the noise and everyday chaos.

Cosiness and safety
Having the whole room in your sight will create a safe and cosy environment for you to spend time. This is especially important for those who live alone or have just started a new life after a break-up or divorce. 
Also, those suffering from anxiety attacks will also feel the positive benefits of the open floor plan. The spaciousness will put them in control of the room and make them feel less nervous. Add some fluffy cushions and candles to set a calming mood. A nice blanket on the sofa will give you comfort during those siestas.

No barriers between interior and exterior space 
If you have a porch or a big terrace, consider connecting it to your interior space. This way you will open up to more light, gain additional room and still maintain the exterior. If you don’t feel comfortable without the walls, install demountable glass partitions. With this solution you will still have an open space, and can place the barrier in the winter or if you need a private space for guests.
Those who need that extra space from connecting to exterior space can apply the uniform décor so that it’s hard to tell the difference. In 2017 the trends even advised to remove the barriers between the interior and exterior space, so you will not only be practical but also trendy.

Less clutter
Interior design is different for open floor plans. The room will seem spacious and larger. Usually, people would try to decorate every corner of the room, and that would be a mistake. The illusion of bigger space is viable as long as there are some design aspects you adhere to. First of all, storage units can do the trick. If you live, for example, in Newcastle, try finding some storage companies in this area that can help you remove all the unnecessary items from your home.
Clutter is the biggest enemy of the home, so make sure that you don’t suffocate the space with too many decorations or furniture. Also, allow the freedom of movement by keeping a reasonable distance between the items. The whole purpose of the open floor plan was to improve and extend the space, so don’t ruin that with pointless clutter.

In the end

Always let the space speak to you. The trends come and go, so find the one that’s the most suited to you and your home. Open floor plans can be quite a change for those who are used to corners and limited space. So make the transition easier for you with some decorating tricks. After all, it’s your home and you should design it to your taste. 

Helen Bradford is a bookworm and home décor enthusiast who constantly seeks new ideas to write about. She spends her spare time doing fitness and traveling. 

*Photos from Unsplash

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