The Importance Of Education

It's A Rich Man's World

They say that money can't buy happiness and while I agree with that statement, I do think that a half decent wage is required if we want to have some sort of quality of life. I'm not talking anything overly extravagant, just the necessities such as a roof over your head, a car to get you from A to B and the odd holiday once or twice a year. Let's face it, rarely in life is anything free and so we must all earn our crust. 

Landing A Job

As most of us know, earning a crust is all well and good once you've got your feet under the table, but first you need to land yourself a job! And if any of us want to gain employment in a well - or at least half decently - paid job, we'll usually need the relevant credentials and qualifications as per the job specification. 

Education Is Key

This is of course where that magic word - education - comes into play. It's of the uppermost importance and yet is something that many of us will have - at one point - scoffed at. Admit it! School was just a bore right? I'm sure that more than one of you must have skipped a class or two? Me? My father taught at my high school so chance would have been a fine thing!!

Oh for hindsight hey? Education, as we come to learn with age, is a necessity if we want to progress into higher education, to climb the career ladder or even land ourselves an amazing job. I know if I had my time over I would have done some things a little differently, maybe worked that little bit harder.

As parents, teachers and mentors, we obviously have a responsibility to inspire the young minds of today, to show them how important education is if they want to go places in life. Of course, young children at things like these preschool programs in Philadelphia, PA might not realize that they're actually learning but, when it comes to older children, this is easier said than done of course. We don't want to come across as if we're nagging. Remember that teenagers think they know best about everything, you and I were that age once! 

Connecting through a common interest is a good way to get on your child's level. I do this with my nephews and it's amazing what they chat to me about whilst we're playing Minecraft - yes really! 

If you notice that your child has a passion for a particular subject, why not really get behind them and encourage them to pursue this further. For example, if your children have an interest in history, start looking for extra resources to further this! Websites like Genealogy Bank are available to look up family history details, which would be really interesting to someone who loves learning about the past! Specialised tutoring or one to one home schooling sessions might also help give your child that bit of extra motivation.

Knowledge Is Power

Of course education isn't just about getting into college and gaining employment. It can also turn lives around and can give individuals hope where they had none before.

Education is vital if any of us ever want to make a difference. It plays a huge role in how we see the world and indeed each other. 

If knowledge is power, then I believe that education is the key to change. 

What are your thoughts on the education system? Would you go back to school and do things differently if you could?

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