The Hassle-Free Guide When Moving To A New House*

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Moving out soon with your family? Pretty sure you are excited and at the same time worried. Moving out and then transferring to a new home is a very stressful day not just for the parents but for the kids as well. In order to avoid, stress, pressure, and panic, there is a guide that can be followed. Most of the moving company clients, survived their moving day without stress and worries because they followed the guide. The list below has proven to have helped a lot of people who moved to their new homes. If you are about to make that big step with your family, best follow the guidelines below.

1. Get everyone involved
Getting everyone in the family involved will make things easier. Give everyone a role so that they will have their own share of responsibilities. Cooperation is the key to a successful and hassle-free move. For example, you can let the kids pack their own stuff. Teach them how to segregate the items they need and the items they won’t need. Teamwork is very important. This will also give you and your family a chance to bond and have a good time.

2. Get a head start
This is a very brilliant idea for those who decide to pack their household items on their own. Since most of people are not experts when it comes to packing, doing it earlier is the best way to get all things done. The need to figure out on how to pack some certain items will take time. Sorting will also take a while since you have to decide which ones to leave and take. The best is to start a week before the final move.

3. Sort it out
It is not advisable and practical to bring all your things to your new house. Moving out is also a chance for you and your family to clear out some unnecessary items. Things that have not been used for a year or more should either be donated or thrown away if it cannot be used anymore. The best way to do sorting is to have three boxes. The first box is for the things you want to bring with you to the new house. The second box is for the items you want to donate. The last box will be the items that are not functioning and needed to be in the garbage. Make quick decisions for every item and then get on with it. Because you have sorted your stuff, it will be easier for you or the movers to place them in the moving lorry. You will also have much space in your new home.

4. Hire a removal company
When everyone in the family votes to hire a moving company, book one as soon as possible.  Hiring one is the best intervention for stress. They complete jobs as fast as they could without damages. These guys know what they are doing. They have the right experience to pack whatever kind of household items. They can also do all the hard work like lifting, loading, and unloading of heavy appliances. Every company’s aim is to assist people during their special day. Make sure you choose the right guys that will handle your belongings. You can also assist or supervise them during the day so that accidents or damages can be avoided. Getting help from the professionals will also be good for your family since you can bond with them and enjoy the special day.

5. Guide the movers
Some would say that this step is useless because in their mind, why hire movers when you end up doing something anyway? This step should not be neglected. Guiding the movers is a job for the client. Guiding is not a heavy responsibility. It basically means that you supervise the movers, make sure what they’re doing is right, and guide them if they are lifting heavy items. This way, accidents are avoided and your things not damaged.

All things mentioned above can be of great help for all first timers when it comes to moving. Try to apply it when the day of your move comes and enjoy the hassle-free experience. Remember that moving requires teamwork. You can collaborate with your family and get everyone to participate so that the job gets done fast. You can also work together with the professional movers. Discuss with them how you want the work to be done, supervise them, and before you know it, your stuff will be out in no time. If you have friends who are planning to move soon, share this guide to them. You can also share how well your moving experience went. 

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