Is Doing The Laundry Making You Sick?*

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Everybody has a washing machine right? Wrong. Some of us apparently don't. It's hard to imagine that many people around the world don't even have access to hot water, let alone a washer. Sometimes it's easy to forget how well off a lot of us actually are. I guess it can be easy to take an item such as a washing machine for granted when you've always had one. 

I was reading this excellent blog and there were a few stories which really got me thinking.

Did You Clean Your Machine This Month?

Do you clean your washing machine once a month? I must admit I'm guilty of forgetting this every now and then.

I don't think I'll forget now after reading, apparently dangerous bacteria such as E.coli, Salmonella and Staph can be transferred onto our clothes during the laundry.

Manufacturers recommend people run a maintenance wash without any clothes every month. The fact that only 20% of people actually do this makes me feel slightly better!

Is Cold Water Laundry Unhealthy?

Another danger that the article pointed out was using cold water to do our laundry.

Apparently, this is dangerous as well because hot water, (or using a detergent with bleach) is the only thing that will disinfect clothes.

I found this interesting because I know of one or two people who tell me how much money they save by washing clothes in cold water. I'm not so sure now, and it seems hospital bills down the road could balance that one out!


The second article mentioned Milo Yiannopoulos, who said women would be a lot happier if the washing machine and birth control wasn't invented. What!!?? *Shakes head in dismay.*

I think there are a lot of women out there (and men too) who feel the same way about you, Milo!

But in all seriousness, what would he suggest we do otherwise? Going back to hand-washing and wearing an apron all day while the menfolk go out to work?

If you've ever hand-washed before, you'll certainly be thankful that we have a machine to do it for us week in and week out. I think because they've been around for so long, people forget this and we take them for granted

*Contributed by a third party

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