Extravagant Gifts for your Significant Other this Festive Season*

*This is a collaborative post*

As our thoughts start turning towards spending time with loved ones and family over the festive season, sometimes you realize just how important the support of your significant other has been over the past year. It’s always a challenge to come up with a gift that really conveys just how much you appreciate the special people in your life - and while no amount of money can ever convey how much someone means to you, an extravagant gift can at least make them feel really special!

Here are a few ideas for gifts that convey how precious your significant other is to you, and a couple of grand gestures to make them feel appreciated and spoiled!

Take them with you for a unique holiday experience:

When someone really loves you, getting the chance to spend time together, explore a new destination and make some really awesome memories is a wonderful gesture of your appreciation for them. Rather than just picking from the world’s traditional romantic locations, make sure the destination is all about what they enjoy doing – even if you're not that keen yourself! There are so many beautiful locations to choose from, that with a bit of creativity you can find the perfect spot for both your tastes.

Perhaps they expressed awe at the idea of bungee jumping at Victoria Falls, but you’d rather keep your feet firmly on the ground? Well, luckily this beautiful area offers plenty of more sedate activities like game drives and river cruises too – so you can both indulge in your own way – the important thing is that you’re there together. Pick a place you know they’ll love, and chat to a travel agent about the activities you’d like to take part in – they’re sure to be able to point you to a hotel or resort which will suit you both.

Have a bespoke piece of jewelry created that’s as unique as your significant other

There’s a reason that jewelry is such a popular romantic gift – it has enduring value, it takes time and skill to create, and yes, it doesn’t come cheap! Having a unique piece created just for them makes the gesture even more special. Make sure to have the piece engraved with your initials and ensure that there’s a part of their personality in the item. If they have a favorite color, then perhaps try to pick a gem or precious stone that will please them every time they see it. If you're in doubt, it’s always a pretty safe bet to go with diamonds of course! For the guys, there’s an almost unbelievable variety of custom rings and watches to choose from – just make sure it’s something he’ll enjoy wearing!

Have their favorite celebrity surprise them!

A lot of people still carry a huge amount of respect for the stars they idolized as children, and while it’s not always possible, giving them the chance to meet their heroes can be the kind of experience that earns you brownie points for life! Often this doesn’t come cheap, and it might involve a bit of subterfuge to get them to the right place at the right time – but it’s something they’ll never forget. Sometimes just reaching out to their beloved star via social media is enough, and sometimes you’ve got to splurge the big bucks (think paying for their favorite pop star to perform a private show – yikes!), but where there’s a will there’s a way!

Hire a skywriting plane!

Imagine you’re sitting with your beloved over a romantic luncheon in a beautiful venue, when you casually point out that plane which seems to be leaving a message in the clouds… who could that be for? If you think you can act casual enough to make this one a surprise, then this is a great idea to shock your beloved in the best possible way. Make sure you have an accomplice in place to take photos or record a video for posterity!

Finance their hobby in style 

If your significant other has a hobby that helps them escape or de-stress, then see if you can build your gift around it! Buy them a top of the line musical instrument to replace their old one, a fancy new computer if they love online gaming, an enormous gift voucher for their favorite paintballgame zone, a massive new aquarium for their prized fish, the latest photography gadgets – you get the idea!

The best gifts are the ones that add real value to our lives and show that the giver really ‘gets’ you! 

*Written by Ethan Thomas

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