Celebrate Christmas in Style*

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You might have a large group of friends and a big family and yet live in the smallest of houses. It’s great to have all these people in your life but it does make getting everyone together hard. Everyone wants to spend Christmas with their loved ones, but given the space and timing it can be difficult.
People are busy in the build up to Christmas and they stress over finding the right gifts, preparing to travel to see their families and spending a ton of money on food and drink. A Christmas party is the perfect opportunity to get everyone together and to help everyone relax, but there are some things you will need to think about.

Who will be coming?
The first thing you’ll need to do is work out who will be coming. It’s not a wedding so you don’t need to worry about sending invites months in advance.
Invite everyone, friends and family. You will need to decide if you're inviting children, it’s easier for those with children to bring them and it’s great seeing kids on the dance floor having fun.
If you can’t get everyone together on the date you’re planning for, think about changing the time or day.
Finding the right space
So, you have all these guests and your house isn’t big enough. You will need to look at venues. There are probably plenty around your area but finding the right one might be difficult.
You’ll need to make sure that there is enough space for everyone, don’t book a venue that’s no bigger than your house. Go for one that might be a little too big, at least that way you know you’ll have enough room.
Look at places that might supply food. It’s easier to plan if the venue helps you out, one less thing for you to worry about.
Get some d├ęcor
Okay, so it’s a Christmas party. Lights and tinsel are a must and maybe a tree, depending on the size of your venue. But a colour scheme will need to be applied here.
Greens and reds are very Christmassy but there’s no stopping you from adding oranges, blues and even whites. You want this to feel like a Christmas party, not a birthday party.
You could also think about table gifts, just something small but it fits the theme and means that all your guests get their presents at the same time.
Entertain your guests
It’s great to have everyone together, drinking and eating but people want things to do. It’s okay to leave your guests to mingle, but it’s better if there’s entertainment for all. There are plenty of entertainment options, singers, dancers and games.
There are no rules when it comes to entertainment, you could go classic and have someone singing Christmas songs all evening, or you could completely go off the books and have casino games. You might not be a blackjack player but there’s no harm in trying it, click here to learn more.

Food for thought
You might need to think about party food and drink. You should have some alcohol, and plenty of it. But you should have other options for children, people driving and those who might not fancy a drink.
Snacks are great, but depending on what time your party is, you might have to supply a meal. It doesn’t need to be big and you could simply serve a roast diner. It’s certainly Christmassy.
One thing you will need to remember is pudding, if you’re having a meal, Christmas pudding would be the best thing to serve. But if you’re going for snacks, chocolate boxes and biscuits will work the same.
A Christmas party would allow you to spend time with everyone you love and to have a great time. Everyone will be able to relax and unwind and enjoy the festive season. That is after all, what Christmas is all about.

*Contributed by a third party

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