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Winter is upon us, and now that Halloween has passed, we are counting down to Christmas and many of us are really making a start on our Christmas shopping and preparations. However, there are other things we can do during this season to make the most of the time we have and this unique time of year.

Many of us want to try and keep fit, quit bead habits such as drinking and smoking by using, and we all want to be the happiest we can be in the winter season. The UK has lots of amazing things to offer during the Christmas period, and your next few months will be even more magical than the rest of the year! Enjoy some of these events and make the most of spending time with your family this festive season.

Munro walking, Aviemore

A munro is one of 277 mountains which cover Scotland. They can be traitorous if you try to tackle them without a guide. Which is why in Aviemore, you can go on guided walks up munros such as Beinn Teallach or Sgairneach Mhor, which will allow you to enjoy nature and experience some stunning views across the Scottish landscape.

Mountain biking, Machynlleth

If you aren’t too close to Scotland, then Wales will be a great place to do some fun activities this Christmas period. If you want to make the most of riding your bike through the mountains in Snowdonia, then this 15km circuit is perfect for you and you family to take a trip out and stay fit in the winter period.

Christmas Markets, Edinburgh

Christmas markets are a yearly occurrence in most major cities of the UK, however none are write as impressive as Edinburgh. The whole city lights up, changes into a magical winter wonderland for the festive period in December and has stalls from all over Europe selling their crafts, gifts, cheeses and meats. You’ll be able to eat plenty of crepes with Nutella and enjoy a warming mug of mulled wine as you explore what the city has to offer.

If Edinburgh is a little too far away for you to visit, you can also find great European markets in cities such as Manchester and Bath. You’ll be able to walk around and immerse yourself in the sights and smells of Christmas.

UK Lapland, Kent

The most magical place many of us can think of to get into the Christmas Spirit is likely to be Lapland. But don’t worry, you won’t need to travel overseas to enjoy this magical festive experience. The UK has its own version of Lapland in Kent, near Tunbridge Wells. And they create a winter paradise with fake snow, Sami people, reindeer and even snow dogs who will pull sleds. It will be a crazy and amazing experience for the whole family and will give you the chance to spend some much-needed time with the ones you love while getting into the festive spirit.

Indoor skiing and snowboarding, Manchester

If you don’t want to fly to the alps for a last-minute Christmas getaway on the slopes, you can still make the most of the time here in the UK. Head down to Manchester where they have the Chill Factore, which will allow you to have all the fun and games of skiing and snowboarding, but indoors. Hey also have separate play areas for the kids, and a Nandos in the building for cheeky bite to eat.

Cheshire Oaks, Elsmere Port

Cheshire oaks is a designer outlet which contains big brands, restaurants and caf├ęs for you and your family to enjoy for the day. They have stalls which sell bagels and crepes, restaurants such as Pizza Express and Giraffe, and even a cinema to watch festive movies. If you go on Christmas light opening night, you will be able to watch fireworks, a giant Christmas tree and see the lights switched on for the first time.

Falconry, Torridon

If you are feeling more adventurous this festive season, you may want to take a walk on the wild side and try your hand at some falconry. It Torridon, you will be able take a ramble into the mountains with a stunning Harris hawk. These beautiful hawks are small but they pack a great punch and will make you watch in awe as they soar through the skies.

You’ll be able to learn all about the art of falconry, and try your hand at holding the bird, feeding it and holding your arm out to catch it when it lands on you. It is a unique experience and one which many people never get to experience for themselves.

Horse-riding, Northumberland

Another novel way to make the most of travel in the winter season is to ditch the car, bike and even your legs, and instead step onto a glorious horse. Have a wonderful time galloping through the rolling hills of the English countryside and feel like you are part of the ultimate period drama. You’ll cross over to the island of Lindisfarne and ride along the beaches, go through valleys and over streams… you’ll have the adventure of the winter.

Canyoning, Brecon Beacons

You might think that there are only large canyons in the USA, but actually, the UK also has some large gorges for you to admire and for you to walk across. In the south of Wales you’ll be able to climb over fallen tree trunks, navigate through flowing streams and plunge into pools. It might be a bit chilly but you’ll still have a wonderful experience and feel like a true adventurer.

Winter survival, East Midlands

If you fancy yourself a bit of a Ray Mears or Bear Grylls, then this experience will be great for you. You’ll be taught by a man called Dave Watson, and be put through your paces in this immersive survival experience, learning how to light a fire, build a shelter, and forage for food. You’ll be able to distinguish between poisonous berries and mushrooms and come home feeling like a survivor.

Christmas Tree Picking, All Over The Country

If you really want to make a day of it and get your family into the festive spirit. Visit one of the many areas in the UK which grow Christmas Trees ready for you to come and pick for your home. You’ll be able to choose the exact tree you want, have it cut down and take it home ready for December. Just remember that you also want to visit in advance in order to pick the best tree you possibly can for the month of celebration.

Bents Garden Centre, Warrington

If you love looking at all things glittery, fluffy and festive- then get yourself to one of the Bents Garden Centres in the country. The whole building will be full to the brim with Christmas gifts, items and decorations to get you in the mood for the big day. You’ll also be able to buy mince pies and enjoy freshly made Christmas treats in the shop.

Curling, Scotland

Curling is one of the oldest winter sports, and this club in particular is the oldest curling club in the entire world. The location is at Kilsyth, and if you are lucky and the weather hits an all-time low, you might have the pleasure of playing outside on the curling pond. If not, head inside the estate for some fun, and try your hand at this icy sport. You can even take lessons if you really want to get into the game yourself. 

*Contributed by Sam Jones

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