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How many pairs of jeans do you have in your wardrobe? Well according to research, women on average own at least seven pairs of denim jeans! Fifty six percent opt for this type of leg-wear because of their durability, while seventy one percent purchase them for their flattering look. Understandably when we invest in clothing, we want these qualities to last. Wear and tear is of course inevitable but there are ways in which you can care for your designer denims to maintain their colour. Stockists of designer skinnyjeans - Trilogy Stores - have provided us with these handy tips;

Wearing And Storage

When you're last minute dot com (always me) or looking in desperation for something to wear, denim jeans are our go-to option for completing any outfit at any time of the year! They look good, they're warm in the colder months and they can be dressed up or down. It's fair to say that we definitely get our money's worth and wear out of them but we still want them to last as long as possible. There are some things that you can do to help maintain their flattering shape and fit.
When you purchase your new jeans, try to wear them as much as possible before their first wash. This will help the denim conform to your body and so help preserve them in the shape that you need them. And instead of washing them after every wear, denim experts recommend that you wash your jeans as little as possible. Washing them too frequently is notorious for causing colour fading. It can also damage the denim material. Instead, try spot cleaning with a damp sponge or soft toothbrush to remove smaller stains. Or alternatively, if you feel as though your jeans need a freshen up, hang them outside to air or spray them with a fabric freshener. 
When storing jeans in your wardrobe, avoid hanging them up with clipped hangers. These can dig into the denim and create marks and impressions in both the waistband or in the knees which can be hard to get rid of. Instead, fold jeans and place them on shelves, or buy S hooks which you can attach to the belt loops and hang on a regular coat hanger.

How To Wash With Care

As mentioned, washing jeans often can cause the colour to fade but of course at times we do need to stick them in the washing machine! Don't worry though, all that is required is an adjustment in your washing technique
Turning your jeans inside out is a key tip. It reduces fading and prevents colour from running into other garments. This method also stops buttons hitting against the drum in the washing machine - no more noisy washes - and avoids damage to zips or press studs. 
Wash on a cool, gentle cycle that is no hotter than thirty degrees. The heat can destroy the elastane and ruin the fitting shape. You can actually buy a denim wash that is perfect for washing your favourite jeans. Designed to care for the colour and fibres in denim, it's also non-biological.
Putting too many pairs of jeans in the washing machine at one time can cause damage to the materials and the machine due to their weight. It is recommended that you wash a maximum of four pairs of jeans at once. You could also try hand-washing. Although this can be time-consuming, it’s an excellent way to avoid damage that could occur in the washing machine. Simply soak your denims for twenty minutes in a detergent and then air dry.
Make sure that you keep your colours separate too. Don’t put an indigo pair of denim jeans in with a pastel pair as the colour may run onto the lighter jean. When it comes to coated denim, these jeans should avoid the washing machine completely - opt for dry cleaning instead.
There are some other tips out there that are a bit out of the ordinary but they might be worth considering… Some suggest freezing the jean when they need freshening up. Simply make sure that pockets are empty, fold up and place in a plastic bag. Keep them in the freezer until you’re ready to next wear them. Maybe let them warm up a little before putting them on! :) Another recommendation is adding salt and vinegar to a hand wash. This is meant to prevent colour bleeding and keeps the fabric colour set for longer.

When Drying 

Although you might not realise it, drying your designer jeans is still a stage where you'll need to take extra care. You must be careful to not distort the shape or encourage fading.
An absolute no no is wring drying. This can cause the shape of your jeans to change and can also create unsightly wrinkles and creases that you'll soon want rid of. Instead, roll up the jeans and press them firmly to release excess water. You could try hanging the jeans up outside and allow them to air dry - weather permitting of course - but some people are against this as the sunlight can cause fading. Alternatively, you could dry on a flat surface indoors or use a clothes rack. 
One that I was not aware of - and was guilty of - is drying denim on a radiator or in a tumble dryer!! Apparently the heat from these can do damage to the denim. For the same reason, avoid ironing your jeans - again guilty as charged - instead simply put them on and the creases will fall out on their own.
A final tip is to always read the manufacturer recommendations on the tag. The manufacturer knows the material the best and how to care for them without causing damage. Follow this advice for long-lasting jeans that will continue to flatter you.

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