Healthy Should Be Normal

Here’s an interesting fact: 18 – 40 year old males are less likely to visit a doctor or pharmacy than any other group. For most men, going to the doctor can seem time consuming and sometimes embarrassing depending on the reason for visiting.  By age 35, 66 percent of men will have some degree of hair loss. 25 percent of men who suffer from male pattern baldness will begin losing hair before they reach 21 years old. 25 percent of Erectile Dysfunction cases are men under the age of 40. These conditions are just the beginning; skin issues such as acne on the face and back can also be persist through adulthood. When faced with these issues, men typically turn to Google for answers and diagnosis rather than talk with a professional. However, time and time again this information can be too broad, off topic, and doesn’t lead to the correct treatment.

Introducing Hims

How can they change all this? Hims is a new kind of wellness brand that is working to destigmatize self-care among men and enable a conversation that’s currently closeted. They help men take care of themselves by discreetly giving them access to doctors and high quality medical products for issues men don’t like to talk about such as those stated above. Hims fills the need for personalized and professional medical service from home. Guys can create a confidential profile, have a consultation with a doctor and get recommendations for prescriptions and nonprescription products. Hims will then send those products straight to their door. No more awkward doctor's office visits, or waiting in long pharmacy lines.


The current Hims product line focuses mainly on hair loss.  Below you can check out more details about each of these. Hims recognizes there is a greater need for male specific medical products. Right now they’re continuing to work on even more products to offer in the future allowing men to feel like the best versions of themselves.

Interested in learning more?

It is the goal of Hims to become the most trusted destination for sound medical guidance. Hims believes that healthy should be normal, not weird. In the future, Hims is hoping to destroy the culture of brushing medical conditions under the rug and promote a culture of active self-care and dialog among men. 

*Written by Jack Burke

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