Creating A New Blog Header With Logojoy*

Logojoy kindly provided me with a Premium logo package and asked me to provide my honest opinion so here goes... 

Whilst my mum and bro have been downstairs watching the latest series of Stranger Things, I've been playing around with designs for a new logo design for GirlGoneDreamer. 

I've joined many free websites that promise to do all sorts and the one bug bear I have with many is trying to remember a username and password. So you can imagine my delight at the first stage when I popped on over to Logojoy to sign up and it let me sign in using my Google account, Twitter or Facebook! Get in!! Happy already. 

Initially I was asked to choose five or more logos that I liked which I carefully picked knowing that it would no doubt influence the final design. I usually opt for simple yet girly fonts so this was no different. For the colour I opted for pinky purples, not just because I loved the colour but because it was captioned as girly, sweet, innocent, sensitive, passionate, playful, sensual and loving. I think all these things reflect my personality so it was the perfect choice. 

The next stage was to tell the website my 'company' name and slogan. My name is a given - GirlGoneDreamer, no change happening yet... Maybe when I hit the big four o in a good few years though! For the slogan there was only one particular line that sprung to mind... 'Chasing The Dream, Inspiring Others To Do The Same.' Apparently this is too long as logos look better with shorter slogans. The Logojoy website suggests nothing longer than 'Design Studio.' Me being me?? Ha ha of course I decided to ignore this advice and plod on regardless. I went with my 'very long' slogan and continued to the next stage. 

Choosing five symbols proved rather challenging. I'm someone who doesn't do well with too much choice. I like multiple choice with only a few possibilities in order to speed up the decision process. Seriously, you ought to see me when I'm out with friends and they ask me to pick where to eat. It takes me all evening. Needless to say this stage was trickier as I was given a blank canvas to play with. No multiple choice, no hints. Just a clear search bar and a blank mind. What to type? What to search? I could have actually skipped this step if I'd wanted but I was determined to do it. Firstly I typed in dreamer, well what else would you expect from Girl-GONE-Dreamer hey? I am the ultimate dreamer, daydreamer, go getter! And I swear the image that came up in response was a little witch on her broom??!! *Look of horror on face.* No I didn't understand that one either. *Hits the delete button.* So then I instead typed 'girl' into the search bar. This brought up much more choice, mostly lots of head and shoulder symbols of females. Some were far too young looking for what I would want so I plumped for a girl with a laptop. Progress. Only four more symbols to choose. Words like positive came up with symbols such as magnets and plus signs which wouldn't really be suitable so in the end I just plumped for the girl with the laptop and a simple heart. I was pleasantly surprised with the results... Apologies for the grainy photos but I wanted to take photos of the website in action! 

Once I could see the design in front of me I could understand more what was meant about long slogans, a short one would probably look better but I still think mine worked quite well. I did try it again just with 'Chasing The Dream' so I could see the difference. 

One thing I didn't quite get was how I ended up with the colours above when I in fact chose the pinkish purples in the earlier stage. None of the designs really reflected this, in fact most were quite dark in colour. On a plus, there was the option to edit colours, fonts and layouts though so if this also happened to you, you'd still be able to rectify your design.

In terms of packages, the basic is $20 for a low resolution logo and the premium is $65. This is the one I'd personally recommend as it comes with full copyright ownership, the logo in high resolution, the option to make changes and re-download plus a social media kit! 

I haven't quite decided on my final logo yet as I liked several. I need to go back and play again before I buy. Will I use it for my blog when I do? In all honesty I haven't the heart to get rid of my gorgeous unicorn header so I don't plan to anytime soon. But I would use my new logo for all my social media platform profiles and as my blog button! 

Would I recommend others try this?? Hell yes! It's fun, easy to use and you can create your own logo according to your own desires. 

Have you ever had a go at designing your own logo? Why not sign up to Logojoy, it's free to make a logo and have a play around. You only pay for a design when you're happy and if you choose to purchase. Let me know if you do give it a whirl and most of all, have fun! 

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