Personalizing Your Space On A Budget*

*This is a collaborative post* 

Once you’ve found an apartment or home that you love and are going to spend a lot of time in, it’s incredibly gratifying to give your space that personal touch and make it your own. Unfortunately, decorating often doesn’t come cheap, and it can be frustrating when you have a clear vision of what the space could become if you only had the budget.

Luckily, there are actually loads of ways that you can improve your space for little or even no money at all. Sound too good to be true? Well, read on for some inspiration!

Shop at home – and we don’t mean on your laptop

It’s astonishing how easily a space can be transformed using what’s already around. Just moving furniture to create a better flow, bringing in pieces from other rooms and digging up forgotten treasures can completely change the feel of your home. Simple things like moving your desk so you have a nice view from the window when you work, shifting a large table to clear up more floor space or bringing in a storage unit from a room where it doesn’t get any use to one where it will can work wonders.

Think practicality first – what areas frustrate you and why? Where does clutter tend to accumulate and how can you come up with a storage solution to prevent it?

Create an accent wall or a faux headboard

Repainting an entire room can get expensive, but a small can of paint in a really vibrant color used on an accent wall can lift the feel of a room cheaply. Another easy way to do this is to paint on a faux headboard in a bright color that complements your bedding. Adding a splash of color with new curtains and cushions is also a quick and affordable way to transform a room.

Make it yours with old photos and mementos

What’s the point of keeping your most treasured photos locked away where no one can see them? Have your favorites framed, or get creative and make a collage from them that can take pride of place in your living room or entertainment area. If all your photos are digital, a great way to have them on display in a really eye catching way is to get a canvas printing service to blow them up and put them onto wooden frames for you. And these could be any scene that you really love – your favorite holiday picture, your pets or just a beautiful scene from nature – whatever pleases you and brings your personality to the room big time!

Re-purpose and refinish items you already have

Refacing kitchen and bathroom cabinets can have a dramatic effect at a fraction of the cost of replacing them. If an item of furniture is starting to look worn, see what DIY improvements you can make yourself – there are so many tutorials on YouTube these days that learning how to do it yourself, or even just finding inspiration online is easy.

If you have a hat fetish, why not display your favorites on the wall rather than hiding them in the back of your cupboard? Decorative aprons also make an unusual wall hanging, and better yet the pockets can act as a little storage bay for stationery or hairbrushes. 

Add some house plants

Decorative plants are often overlooked as a cheap way to bring some life and color into a room – and better yet, they can actually help remove pollutants from the air too! If space is an issue then you can always hang them from the ceiling or place them in a window box.

Spend money on big impact pieces

It doesn’t make sense to spend a fortune on small items and trinkets that will disappear into the background. When you do spend money, splash out on the big, eye catching pieces that grab your attention the moment you enter the room.

Add cheap mirrors to dark corners

While having nifty lighting installed in every nook and cranny looks awesome – it doesn’t fall into everyone’s budget. But don’t forget the power that some cleverly placed mirrors have to brighten a room and make it look bigger, and for cheap too!

Get rid of clutter and unused items

Create extra storage space under a bed by investing in some storage bins, or use a shoe hanger inside a cupboard door to organize your makeup, medicine cabinet or even the spices in your kitchen.

If you're holding onto something you don’t like or use just because it’s there, it might be time to let it go. If it’s not useful and it doesn’t please you – then chuck it out! Better yet, have a thorough clean out, sell or give items away or donate them to a charity that can actually use them. 

*Written by Ethan Thomas

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