Life Of A Freelancer: 6 Essentials ft. VELUX Windows*

*This is a collaborative post*

The life of a freelancer often entails many hours spent sat staring at a computer screen. Ask many bloggers and they'll probably confess to creating content whilst laid horizontal, pyjama clad, in bed... (Perks and all.) But to be a truly successful freelancer, whether that be a writer, blogger, artist or graphic designer, it's essential that you get your environment just right so that you can work more efficiently. Distractions are plentiful when your brain isn't in the right mindset. So what are the six essentials that a freelancer requires?

1. A bright and well ventilated work space

Daylight can literally bring a room to life. Working in a dull, badly ventilated space can be counter productive and will have a negative impact on how well we as freelancers work.

By installing a top hung roof window you'll suddenly have the advantage of daylight and fresh air which will not only alter how the room functions but how you do too. A bright, fresh study space will mean that you'll work more productively. VELUX offer a range of elegant looking windows including those with noise reduction features. If energy efficiency is more your thing then check out their solar powered range too.

VELUX top-hung windows are the perfect choice if you want more daylight and effective natural ventilation. They're an ideal option for windows within easy reach and open outwards meaning you won't need to worry about water getting in. 

For those that are concerned about cleanliness, top-hung windows rotate 180 degrees making cleaning easy from the inside. 

VELUX have been leading the way with their innovative and elegant windows for over 75 years. 

2. Appropriate tools for the job - A computer or laptop

This is a no brainer for any freelancer. Whether you're on the Mac or the PC side of the fence, make sure you invest in a computer that you can actually use. 

Macs look awesome and are if you know what you're doing, but if you've been a PC kind of girl all your life it can take some adjustment before you get to grips with a Mac - and I know, I've used both. Likewise if all you've ever used is a Mac, you'll probably find that a PC isn't for you. Just ask my brother! :) Each to their own, it's all about personal preference and investing in a piece of equipment that is right for you and the job you require it for. 

I'd also advise running regular security checks and updates to keep everything running smoothly.

3. A suitable desk and chair 

Yes I know a lot of you - me included - like to write curled up on the sofa (or in bed) but it's really not healthy in regards to the whole work/life balance scenario. The two need to be kept very separate so that our brain knows when to switch off. 

Save your pjs, sofa or bed for your down time. And when working, be sure to sit at your desk with no inappropriate distractions. This way your brain will be geared up for the working day and hopefully you'll get a lot more done. 

Workstations such as these from Ikea are ideal if you're after added storage space. They also have a fantastic range of chairs to match.

4. An alarm clock - Scheduled tea-breaks

An endless supply of tea and coffee would be great in an ideal world but then would we really get much work done? If not for making said brews you'll almost certainly be up and down to the bathroom like a yo-yo. So why not instead schedule breaks? 

I was listening to the Chris Evans radio show just last week and author Dan Brown featured. Apparently Dan gets up without fail at 4am every day of the year - yes Christmas Day included - to write for seven or so hours. Talk about motivation! However, to keep his blood pumping he schedules breaks for throughout the day. 

If breaks are good enough for Mr Brown, then they're good enough for us. Set your clocks people. I particularly love this copper and black clock from Marquis & Dawe.

5. Organisation - Weekly planner

I love Jemma's amazing art prints at the best of times but now she's gone an created something that's also really useful too! What more excuse do you need to splurge? 

Her weekly planner means you can organise your schedule at the start of a week and hopefully not miss a deadline. Organisation is paramount to being a successful freelancer. A chaotic environment makes for a chaotic and stressful mind. I find creating lists of 'to-do's also helps hugely and I always list them according to priority. Sure I understand that post number twelve on your list sounds fascinating and that you can't wait to write it, but you've eleven others to get done first. 

Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize! I can assure you, you'll be glad you did when the work is rolling in.

6. Peace and quiet - 'Do Not Disturb' sign 

Lastly, if you live as I do in a house with many, a 'Do Not Disturb' sign can prove pretty handy. I'm not guaranteeing people will pay attention to it, but if they know you're working then they'll more than likely leave you be.

What essentials do you need to work successfully as a freelancer? Have you ever considered installing a top-hung window?

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