Has Hair Loss Knocked Confidence From The Man In Your Life?*

*This is a collaborative post*

As women we understand only too well how appearance can affect our confidence. Apply a coat of your favourite lippy or don your slinky little black dress and all of a sudden you feel ten feet tall. But what if I told you that men feel the same? 

Sure they might whinge that we take too long getting ready and spend too many hours in front of the bathroom mirror, but what they don't always divulge is how important their appearance actually is to them too. And whereas we girls have a multitude of products to boost our bad hair/skin/body day, men - unless of course they're comfortable wearing our makeup - don't exactly have the same luxury.

Take for instance your boyfriend's receding hairline, or the growing bald patch he often jokes about. For all the banter amongst his mates, it's actually probably seriously knocking his confidence which can have devastating consequences. Consequences such as a psychological breakdown, depression, lack of self esteem and a low sex drive. 

I recently read an article by Leah Zerbe, Men's Health and Albert Mannes, a PHD University of Pennsylvania researcher who studied the perceptions of balding, said that; 

'Thick hair has always been associated with youth and masculinity. Hair loss signals ageing.' 

Is it any wonder taking this and the male ego/pride into account that hair loss has such a profound effect on men? 

Regardless of the reason for hair loss or the science behind it, most men just want to fix the problem but alas not all baldness can be cured. It is of course dependent on the cause. In women it can be down to various factors such as pregnancy and hormones or even the menopause but in men factors can be male pattern baldness, genetics, stress, medication and even just ageing. And whereas with stress related conditions hair might grow back, in other instances it won't and this is where the experts at Harley Street Hair Clinic can help. 

Offering various treatments such as FUE Hair Transplant, FUE Eyebrows Reconstruction, Hair Loss Medications and ATP Advanced Tricho Pigmentation, you'll need to initially book a free no obligation consultation to see which is the most suitable option.

With high profile clients and incredible results, it's no wonder that the Harley Street Hair Clinic has firmly established a reputation as the experts in hair restoration. They specialise in hair transplants and for those who perhaps don't yet need a hair transplant or aren't necessarily suitable, there is a newer 'leading edge' procedure to perhaps consider in the form of Advanced Tricho Pigmentation Treatment.

So what exactly is Advanced Tricho Pigmentation?

Image Source Harley Street Hair Clinic

Advanced Tricho Pigmentation or ATP is - here comes the science bit - 'an advanced pigmentation delivery system which replicates the appearance of naturally growing follicles for people with little to no hair.'

Which means what exactly? Think of it kind of like a tattoo. The ATP procedure mimics the appearance of shaved hair follicles by applying natural pigments to the scalp or in the case of the brow area, natural hair strokes that replicate brow hair. Pretty cool right?

ATP is a highly specialised treatment which is currently offered exclusively at the Harley Street Hair Clinic. You may find similar pigmentation procedures out there but book with the experts at Harley Street Hair Clinic and you can relax in the knowledge that they not only know what they're doing, but that they'll produce realistic and natural looking results.

Whether the man in your life is wanting to create the illusion of thicker more fuller hair, disguise a receding hair line or create a realistic looking fully shaven head - the smallest dots of ATP treatment replicates natural looking scalp stubble -  rest assured that once treated, he'll be able to fast regain his confidence and reclaim the life he once knew.

*Please note that it is always advisable to seek a doctors opinion as hair loss can indicate another health related issue.

*Header photo courtesy of my brother, Jason Machin.


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  2. This is a really interesting post. My husband doesn't suffer with this but there are people close to me in my family who do, and they laugh it off - but I bet this is something that actually really affects them. Thanks for sharing, it's opened my eyes!
    Beth x


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