Don't Get Tired of London*

*This is a collaborative post*

“When a man is tired of London”, said Samuel Johnson, “he is tired of life”. While we’d all agree that life has a great deal more to offer than just the capital, London is packed with things to do: you could comfortably go out and see something different every day of your life without repeating yourself. Paradoxically, it’s easy to feel ground down: London’s also expensive, anonymous and busy and you might feel worn out. 

Don’t get tired of London: take control and revitalise yourself with these new ideas to keep the city and yourself fresh! 

Be a Tourist! 

When you live in London, it’s easy to stop finding time for all the grand attractions that bring people flocking here. 

Remind yourself of what an amazing city you live in by taking a day off work to act like a tourist. Do the things you’d normally have to brave the weekend crowds for and enjoy them all the more for doing them at the quietest times of the week

Whether it’s the Dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum, the shops on Oxford Street or simply exploring some of London’s huge public parks turning yourself into a tourist for a day to really explore the city you’ve made your home. 


Not out of London, but within it! If London feels tired and so do you, mix things up by moving to a new borough. New surroundings to explore, new shops and pubs to build into your routine and a new (and potentially better) route to work. 

When you’re moving in London storage facilities are plentiful so if you need to pack some of bulkier items away while you move house, you won’t be short of options. 

Find somewhere that better suits you, whether that’s heading South to live closer to open green spaces or to the trendy districts in East, and you’ll suddenly rediscover your zest for life. 

Take a Class 

You could also revitalise a tired routine by taking a class. Whether you’re training up in a new skill or practising an existing one, this not only add structure to your week but help you feel you’re achieving something meaningful with your spare time. 

You might want to supercharge your career by getting some extra professional qualifications or try something fun and creative: Improvisation classes with the Free Association aren’t just hilarious but boost confidence and give you a whole new supportive group of creative friends. And you’ll only find them in London! 

*This is a guest post

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