Choosing The Perfect Engagement Ring*

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Who doesn't love a bit of romance? 

My mother and I like to follow all the latest celebrity goings-on and Hello magazine usually provides us with our weekly fix. I especially love to read of any recent engagements or celebrity weddings. This week I've also been reading The Celebrity Engagement Ring Trend Report 2017 from 77 Diamonds which surveyed one hundred high profile proposals. 

Apparently celeb engagements set the bar for ring trends across the world. In this latest report, one hundred of the highest-profile celebrity proposals where surveyed in order to establish which style of rings and diamond shapes were most popular. There's also some statistics on the most popular locations and times of year for proposals. I've shared some facts within this post but it's worth checking out the survey for yourself especially if - like me - you're into all things celebville. 

Do you know that the average ring cost reached an astounding one million pounds in 2016? Crazy right? Celebrities are now splashing out on diamond quality more so than in previous years. Going off the average net worth of celebrities getting engaged, you'd need a minimum of two hundred and eighty one thousand pounds just to be eligible to feature in the data recorded for this survey.

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Although yellow gold is now all the trend, I'm actually more of a white gold kind of girl myself. Potential suitors please take note! :) 

Diamonds themselves are of course timeless, but whilst they last a lifetime and beyond, trends such as the cut and style do change with the times. So it's important when buying that you choose carefully. After all, you want her to say yes right?

So how do you choose the perfect ring? 

I think every girl dreams of the perfect engagement ring. The first thing you usually say to a bride-to-be once they've announced their engagement - after congratulations obviously -  is 'let's see the ring then!' No matter what we girls say, it is the most important piece of jewellery we'll probably ever get and as such we want it to be spot on! That puts you fellas under an inordinate amount of pressure. 

According to 77 Diamonds London, the perfect engagement ring is achieved with the combination of high quality diamonds and expert jewellery craftsmanship. Hopefully you'll know your soon-to-be betrothed well enough to choose the right style, design and cut, because the 77 Diamonds website allows you to design your own ring from scratch. However, if choosing all the required is proving a little daunting, you can instead book an appointment to talk through options with an expert in the London showroom. 

I can't help you with the proposal itself, but you can rest assured that at 77 Diamonds London, each engagement ring will be lovingly made to order to suit your personal requirements. 

Have you recently got engaged? Or have you got the feeling that your other half is about to propose? Maybe you could leave some 'hints' lying around so he knows exactly what sort of ring you'd love! :)

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