Are You Eligible For A Flight Delay/Cancellation Refund?*

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Most of us know just how frustrating it can be to rely on a particular method of transport only to have the journey cancelled or to suffer so many setbacks and delays that you might as well have hitch hiked across country, or perhaps even entertained the notion of killing two birds with one stone and not only walking from point A to point B; But one could also set up a 'go fund me' page and raise some money for a good cause in the process.

It can be so infuriating; I'm sure you've heard the tales of loved one's missing graduations, weddings, job interviews and such like, and with the current Ryanair Crisis (whereby 400 000 passengers were informed their flights had been cancelled). In light of this recent occurrence perhaps you have been the victim, or even someone you know. One of the most obviously annoying factors is the point that you have paid to receive a service and sometimes the service you expect is just not what is delivered. One can feel a little bit helpless in terms of feeling like you have just tossed your money into a big pit.

Alas good people I bear slightly positive news, well to a select percentage of you readers out there, potentially. I have just one question: “Do ya feel lucky Punk?”. “Well? Do Ya?”. I jest of course, the more pertinent question is; have you been in the unfortunate position of having been on a delayed flight or having had a flight cancelled altogether?

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If so, you may be glad to know that if you have paid for flights and not arrived to your chosen destination on time through no fault of your own then you may well be able to secure at least some of your money back (if not all of it) via a Flight Refund. Please don't go looking for a refund if you were late to the airport and missed your plane as I'm pretty sure that may be frowned upon generally. There's a lot of people out there who are actually unaware that they have a legal right to actually claim their money back, and with so many families and people who have been affected it might be of some consolation to them to know that they haven't necessarily kissed goodbye to their hard earned cash for nothing.

The process really need not be a very taxing one like so many other pursuits of financial reimbursement can be. You should be able to ascertain whether or not your own specific case falls within the parameters of being eligible to make a claim fairly quickly. As with anything financial, the mere mention of dealing with the terminology and the red tape usually associated with matters of finance can easily deter people from even trying. 

As always there is a plethora of free information on the subject online. For the sake of potentially recovering hundreds if not thousands of pounds I'd say it's worth your while to further enquire; after all, why let your money burn a hole in the airline company's pockets? 

*Post written by Michael David.

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