Online Dating* ft. HP

*This is a collaborative post*

A few years ago there was a certain stigma around the whole concept of online dating, a certain perception that it was a dark corner of the internet habituated by creepy anti social loners (with reference to the males) prevailed. However, in a time where the internet is everywhere and people's lives seem to be getting much busier and metropolitan, online dating has definitely become just another way to meet someone, as normal in todays society as hearing about the couple who were set up on a date by a mutual friend, or whom met in a bar one night.
In my humble opinion there are some negatives which must be considered by anyone venturing to give online dating a go. Be wary, if a profile seems too good to be true, it probably is. There are still some weird creepy types to be avoided at all costs. Always arrange to meet somewhere public such as a bar, restaurant or suchlike. Stay safe. Don't give away too many personal details until you feel you've got to know the person in question well enough. I'm unsure whether online dating is for me or not, being as aesthetically challenged as i am i cant help but have my reservations. There is always that feeling of it being something of a meat market. Good looking people looking to find other good looking people with not much emphasis on personality or character. But that's human nature and although not exclusive to online dating, the concept of feeling like you are at first being judged solely on how you look can be quite depressing. Some level of resilience is crucial as not everyone who tickles your fancy so to speak will be quite so taken with you. If you message someone and they don’t message back. Leave it. He/she just isn't that into you, fear not there is always someone for everyone and more and more people are using online dating sites.
Aside from that of course there are so many people online and on the market that it really has broadened ones horizons just in terms of the ease with which people can communicate. There’s bound to be someone out there for everyone. There are loads of great people from all walks of life dating online and the proportion of newlyweds who have met their spouse via some form of online dating platform continues to increase year by year.

The very first hurdle of picking a suitable profile picture or several can become a conundrum and borderline fashion parade all of it's own. From the high angled pouting selfie to the shirtless mirrored posing snaps. Maybe if I actually go out and get the latest HP Instant Ink Printer such as the one featured in the video below, I might actually be inspired to create some equally fun looking and cool profile images to help me succeed, or come to think of it to just look slightly less boring than I actually am. 

However, maybe I am just getting old, or perhaps it is a surfacing of my inner laziness but the feature of this printer which really appeals to me isn't just the amazing quality of printing (especially in colour); Oh no! That would be only too obvious wouldn't it? The feature which borderline astounded me is the fact that when this printer is running low on ink, there is a subscription surface available which means the printer will automatically re-order more ink for you, automatically, on it's own! Just think about that, no more worrying about running out of ink in the middle of trying to print a document and making mad dashes to replenish the ink stock levels. I'm sure for those that try and use online dating platforms there are many who find the same kind of joy in finding someone as I attained in finding this divine piece of technology. Come on don't act like you are not just a little impressed by this feature, as long as your HP printer is compatible with the programme you can choose a subscription according to your printing needs and ink will be delivered directly to your door as and when you need it. "Sighs"; if online Online dating were as simple . . .

*Written by Michael David

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