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September is almost well and truly over, the weather is turning and the nights are drawing in. I don't know about you guys but I love this time of year (alright so yes that's partly to do with Christmas being right around the corner but not entirely.) I love the colours of the trees, the cooler weather, the brisk winter walks, the Autumn/Winter fashion, the mugs of hot chocolate by the roaring open fire... I think you get the picture! :) 

The Autumn season also always brings with it Stoptober and unless you've been living under a stone, you must surely have heard of this annual campaign by now? 

This year however, Stoptober are actually backing e-cigs. For the very first time, the government campaign will feature vaping in it's television commercials! Could it be that vaping is now being recognised as the way forwards for smokers who want to quit?

According to Professor Gina Radford in this article by Health Correspondent Nick Triggle,

'the government's deputy chief medical officer said e-cigarettes were playing an important role and, as they had "95% less harmful products" in them than normal cigarettes, it was only right that they were promoted during Stoptober.'

I've touched on vaping previously on GGD, as have my fellow writers, and with good reason. It's a whole lot healthier for starters and is a much cheaper habit than traditional cigarettes. It would appear that a lot of smokers are becoming more aware of these facts and are jumping onto the vaping bandwagon! 

Aquavape recently ran a survey and turned the results into the infographic below. According to the 200 members of the Great British public asked, fruit seemed to be the 'go-to' flavour of choice whilst 32% said that they vape in a bid to quit smoking.  

If you're looking for a way to quit smoking this October, then why not join the hundreds who have already experienced the benefits of vaping? Whether you're new to vaping or are a more advanced vaper, have a peruse of these Aquavape kits, there's something to suit everyone.

Have you tried to give up smoking lately? Or have you made the switch? What are your thoughts? Join the discussion on social media and be sure to add the tag #VapeWhatYouSaid. 

If you are making the effort to quit this October then I wish you the best of luck, it won't be easy but it'll definitely be worth it in the long run.

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