Anyone Interested in Home Grown Foods?*

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A Survey for Anyone Interested in Home Grown Foods!

More and more people are growing their own food and for a whole wide range of reasons. I am one of them, although only to supplement my food intake but nevertheless there exists a certain joy innate joy in picking a perfectly juicy and ripe strawberry from the branch and devour it on a hot summers day. I also grow potatoes and some other vegetables such as carrots and green beans. If you are one of the home-grown food revivalists then please consider taking part in this survey on the issue of growing your own fruit and veg.

As well as being a great sustainable way of feeding yourself and your family it is also as close as I can get to the boyhood dream of being in Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory, you know, where the trees, grass and fauna are all edible candy and chocolate variations? It's great when the first Strawberries are ready to be harvested and I get to share the experience with my two nephews aged 7 and 3 respectively. Seeing their faces light up as they devour fresh strawberries is wonderful. Growing your own food can be fun and if you have kids it can be a great way of introducing your children to nature in such a hands on way, they will love it.

If you want to grow your own fruit and veg all year round then a great idea is to invest in one of these Polytunnels which will protect your plants from all adverse weather conditions and can help to extend the growing season by several weeks. Unlike a greenhouse, a Polytunnel is a semi-permanent structure which means it can be moved as and when you like. 

*Written by Michael David

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