How To Holiday On A Budget*

Everyone loves a holiday, a chance to relax and unwind and see something new. Holidays can be really expensive, and for many the chance to jet off to sunnier places seems unachievable.

The thing is, it’s possible to have a great holiday on a budget.

Logbook loan provider Auto Advance explain how to have an unforgettable holiday without breaking the bank.

When you go

The key to a holiday on a budget is finding ways to slash the cost wherever you can. This might mean that in some places you need to make compromises.

For example, some destinations have peak times, where flights and accommodation are charged at a higher price to capitalise on the increased demand and popularity.

Taking your trip outside of those peak times can drastically reduce the cost of flights and accommodation, the saving here being transferable to your spending money while you’re away.

A good rule of thumb is if you can avoid times that fall around school holidays then aim to do so. If you can’t avoid travelling during more peak times then the way to save money might not be to focus on when but where you travel.

Where you go

If budget is an issue it might not be possible to jet off to some far-flung location for your holiday.

Look at places closer to home, city breaks, weekends away and holiday cottages provide a great change of scenery without needing to travel excessively.

Travel closer to home often means easier planning as you don’t need to change currency, you won’t necessarily need to buy specific clothes for the trip and there won’t be a language barrier to overcome if there’s a problem.

If you really want to go abroad you could focus your search on last minute deals, this could provide you with a real bargain at the last minute. It’s best to do this with an open mind, as somewhere unexpected could pop up that turns out to be the trip of a lifetime.  

What to do on your holiday

Another way to keep the cost down on your holiday is to look at what you’ll be doing while you’re away.

Are you someone who loves lots of different activities or are you someone who enjoys lounging by a pool or on a beach?

If you like to go out and see things, and really get into the tourism side of a holiday then you should look to take advantage of offers and coupons. This is especially useful during summer holidays in the UK when papers offer discounts for a variety of different attractions.

If you’re going abroad consider keeping the cost of your holiday spread out by pre-booking tickets wherever you can. This helps you to plan your holiday in more detail but it also could save on the overall cost of entry to some attractions.

However, you might need to temper your expectations, some days it might be better to lounge by the pool in the hotel instead of adding extra expense to your holiday with another trip somewhere.

Using these tips can mean that no holiday is out of reach. Being flexible on time and location, and being willing to compromise in places can mean that you can still have an enjoyable holiday without an excessive price tag.

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