A Must Read Blog: Happy Wise Owl*

Meet Emma, thirty something wife, daughter, sister, step-mum, Godmother and creator of online journal, Happy Wise Owl

Emma lives in Wiltshire with her husband John and her two little dogs, Roxy and Connie. She loves travelling and seeing the world although it drives her husband potty as she's always planning or looking where to go next! 

I've personally never tried spinning classes but Emma says it's addictive and a pretty much love/hate relationship. One to try perhaps? She also likes making lists (you can never be too organised) and walking her 'crazy' dogs. 

Emma had been toying with the idea of writing a blog for a couple of years before launching Happy Wise Owl. She struggled to find the time, confidence or courage to just go for it. September 2015 however brought with it the realization that she could and would do it! 

Emma has always enjoyed creative writing and she hopes her blog will give an insight into her day to day life. If something interests or inspires her, you can pretty much guarantee it'll feature on Happy Wise Owl. 

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Please do go visit Happy Wise Owl and if you're feeling especially kind, you could give her a cheeky follow on any (or all) of her social media channels. Until next time xxx 

You can find Emma on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook.

*Happy Wise Owl is one of my July advertisers. Photos taken from Happy Wise Owl website. 

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