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It's no secret that I love to have pretty or colourful items in my life. Not everything I buy always matches but this doesn't matter to me as I usually choose pieces because they inspire me or because they brighten up my living space. The more obscure or unique the better! I tend to love any items that also have real character or that tell their own story. 

Finding other worldly treasures can be a real task in itself. Unfortunately for me, there isn't a great deal of shops around here that offer items to suit my taste. In fact there's only two places I can even think of where I can go to find anything remotely 'different.' One is in Lytham and the other, Windermere. Safe to say, neither are local. 

When I came across Dandelion Interiors I was thrilled to see all they have to offer. From the Crystal Ball Chandelier Ceiling Light here reminiscent of the Strictly Come Dancing Glitter Ball, to the brightly coloured Large 2 Seater Patchwork Sofa, there's something to suit everyone and you can order form the comfort of your own home. Bonus! My favourite kind of shopping is always PJ clad, glass of wine in hand.

I've put together a mood-board of all my favourites, if it was pretty, colourful, or caught my attention then it made my wish-list. There's something very 'Alice in Wonderland' about this Antiqued Blue Teapot Wall Clock don't you think? And this Rose French Style Double Bed is fit for an everyday princess! But my absolute favourite item has got to be the gorgeous High Gloss Wooden Blush Pink Occasional Bedroom Chair!

Whether you're looking for pieces to adorn your own home or are perhaps after a unique gift idea, then I highly recommend you have a peruse of Dandelion Interiors. 

Let me know if you come up with your own wishlist or if indeed you buy yourself a treat! 

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*Photos taken from Dandelion Interiors 

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