Reducing The Stigma: A Must Read Blog ft. Angel Wings And Petticoats*

Hello lovelies. How are you all? It's almost another weekend and I can't believe we're about to say goodbye to June! I can almost smell Christmas! :)

Today I want to recommend another blog. Angel wings and Petticoats is the brainchild of Classical Studies student, twenty one year old Alexx. Her book reviews are amongst some of my favourites and I also love how open and honest she is about her struggles with mental health. She - like myself - is determined to help reduce the stigma and if anyone is qualified to talk about this topic then it's got to be her. Here's a bit from the lady herself:

'I'm Alexx; sort of your average 21 year old, currently blogging full time while I work towards my degree. I started my blog in October 2015 after suffering a mental breakdown and psychotic break leading to the diagnosis of a rare form of Schizophrenia. Originally the blog was purely my own personal outlet, but I now wish to use it to talk about my life with Schizophrenia, as well as a couple of other health conditions. And as a side note, I also talk about my biggest passion, books! I post weekly with book tours, reviews, giveaways, and cover reveals. From Angel wings and Petticoats you can expect a wide range of posts from lifestyle, mental health, books, to even the odd gluten free food recipe or review. If I like it, then you can guarantee I'll write about it on the blog!'

I've shared three of my favourite posts for you to read below. If you fancy giving Alexx a bit of support then please do give her a follow on Twitter.

2. Firsthand account - My MH Story
3. A bit of fun - My first Q&A Part 1

Whose blog are you loving at the moment? Feel free to leave your own links in the comments section and I'll be sure to have a peruse. Until next time.... 

*Alex is one of my June advertisers but all opinions/views are my own

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